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Height growth pill

By August 24, 2011 - 8:31pm
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Are height growth pilss safe to consume? are there any health risks or side effect? Do they work for people after their 20s?

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why do you want to be taller in the 1st place? would this make you a better person or make your life easier in any kind of way? the human growth hormone pill can make you grow a couple of inches indeed, but it's administered in severe growth deficiency cases during childhood, under very very controlled hospital circumstances. 5'1 height is totally ok. you can wear all the high heels you want - i'm a 6'0' tall female athlete and i can just forget about the heels. and all those wonderful dresses that suit so fine with them - actually, finding cool clothes and shoes is as much of an issue to me as it is to you. and also, my choice of men is way more narrow then yours. i know, there shouldn't be any prejudice on dating a guy who's shorter then you (and i did, many times), but it IS an issue to MOST of men in the first place. and there is no surgery or pill to make you shorter - but you know what - i wouldn't change myself for an inch now.
accept yourself for who you are, although it may be hard.

all the best,


August 25, 2011 - 5:17pm

I'm 21. Among all of my family, i'm the shortest one, my youngest sister is 5'6 already and she's only 17 years old, my mom is 5'7, my oldest sister is also 5'7 and my dad is 5'11, and i'm only 5'1. Genetically, i shouldn't be having this height problem. My parents always said that it was because i was sick all the time when i was a kid. i lived in asia when i was a kid, and i got dengue fever 4 times.
Is there any other height growth option that is safe that you can recommend?

August 25, 2011 - 7:11am
(reply to Aby Wu)

Hi Aby,

I can understand why you wish you were a little bit taller given that the rest of the women in your family are around 5'6"-5'7". You probably feel like the odd [wo]man out in your family even if there is absolutely nothing wrong with your height.

There is a human growth hormone that you can ask your doctor about but know that it has side effects and you should be well informed about the medication prior to taking it. Once your doctor has fully informed you of the pros and cons, then you can make an educated decision about whether the pros outweigh the cons.

Best of Luck,

August 26, 2011 - 5:02am

Hi Aby Wu,

Unfortunately, once you're in your twenties you've pretty much done all the growing you're going to be doing. There are lots of pills out there that claim to make you taller, enhance your breasts size, etc. and they are all scams. There is no pill that can make you taller--think about it, a pill that can make your bones grow doesn't sound realistic. The only thing that can add up to 2 inches of length to your bones is an extreme surgery that requires breaking your legs in order for the bone to grow...this has its risks and is an expensive surgery.

Hope this helps,


August 25, 2011 - 6:34am

Hi Aby,

as every drug, height growth pills do have side effects and they work only in the puberal age, that is while normal growth occurs. Once the bones are formed to their full length the growth pills stop being effective. How old are you and why do you consider taking them?
If you are still in time to take them, you should consult your doctor before taking the growth hormone, as the correct dosage is fundamental. Also, your doctor must check your general medical condition, if you're taking any other drugs which may interfere with the growth pill, etc... many of these growth pills are commercialized around as; "we'll make u grow several inches in 2 months". This kind of growth speed is unnatural, and can be really damaging especially to your lower limbs. Keep in mind that as you grow taller, it is not 2-3 inches of air you're gaining, or 2-3 inches of bone length - it is 2-3 inches of all your tissues that must follow the bone growth synchronically, which is quite an effort for the organism.

whatever is the reason that makes you think of taking the growth pills, consult your doctor if you're still in the right age and consider all the risks carefully before deciding to take this step. As far as i'm concerned, they should be prescribed only in extreme cases where normal growth is not triggered by any reason, especially given the age span in which they work. i really don't think a child or a teenager are mature and bold enough to decide if such a treatment is really needed.

i hope this was helpful,


August 25, 2011 - 1:03am
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