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help please, this is regarding possibility of pregnancy

By Anonymous March 1, 2012 - 8:44am
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if i am late right now, and i never had sex, could i be pregnant?

i could not think of anything else me and my boyfriend did. we only did fingering and dry humping, not naked. we have been doing this for months now, and this was not the first time i skipped my period. (not the first time, the last time i was late for uhhh, 17 days? or so) but this is the longest time ive been waiting. i think i am irregular (its always 31 - 40 days or so) i am quited stressing out about this.

whenever i look at my underwear, i see nothing, just a little blob of white vag. discharge, sticky and not transparent. i saw that the last days of ovulation, it is quite dry in the vag. sometimes i feel a bit bloated, and my breast hurts whenever i brush or slightly touch them. i sometimes feel pain in my lower abdomen (sometimes only). i dont know if this is pregnancy signs or my period coming. i never had sex, that's why im wondering why my period isnt here yet.

i am definitely stressed right now, considering the fact that i am a teen, studying and stressing about school works, and also, stressing about this pregnancy probability. can someone give me an advice that is clear. and all. also, i do not consider taking PT as an option because its kind of not usual here to get PT and you get judged easily. thanks

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Same thing (similar )happened to me some times ago, though I had sex when I was ap d age of 22/23 years old . After I had no sex again for 5 year *n last two years , I realised that my period is noty regular n I nevert give a darm but early last year I thought is not a nice idea , so I told my doctor , I did a lot of medical exams but nothing comes up so my doctor precribed a medicine for me , n told me to start taking the medicine as soon as I feel the sign of my period bcoz I do feel the signs n pains but I never see blood . Of which I did , it was 28 pills for 28 days n as I arrive at the last one I saw my period , I take this continually for some months and later I stop taken the medicine on my own but I still found my period every month not till I had sex last two month n now I can't see my period. But I knew that I have taken that is why... So. My advice for you is to open up to your Doctor... Nothing is new under the earth...

March 2, 2012 - 2:06pm

I sympathize greatly because, (i know I have no right to be on here, but it sounds as if you and I have similar situations) you see uh, okay im desparate, uhm I know Im not a woman but she would never do this but uh, okay my girlfriend's period she said was two to three days late and lasted shorter than usual in both Jan and February, and she says that in Feb she had a blood clot and that she has never had one before. (shes only 15 about to be 16) but heres the thing we have never had sex. NEVER! i mean we have fooled around but never any intercourse. Yet we are worried because it was right at the end of december when we last fooled around (we live in different states) and it is possible that a little bit of sperm had been on my fingers and in there (but i cannot be sure at all, i cant remember, but it doesnt seem likely, but its still possible, butif there had been it wouldnt have been much at all or else i would have noticed). Im not sure but that would have been the only way it could of. And weve looked up symptoms and everything and she thought she had a miscarriage and she can't ask to be taken to a doctor or anything because she would have to tell her parents and shes afraid if she went to the doctor and found out she was pregnant or did indeed have a miscarriage then, things would just get suddenly very bad. Im sorry to just barge in on your conversation but im desparate. Because there are so many things that could have caused her late period and the blood clot and maybe we are just being paronoid but, hell she has no way of getting a pregnancy test either so what should we do? I am just very confused and would like some answers. Please. Please

March 1, 2012 - 9:50pm

Hi Anon,

I'm sorry to hear you're in a place you feel that you'll be judged. That's never a good feeling.

Considering you were clothed and did not actually have intercourse, there is no chance of pregnancy, as there must be an exchange of bodily fluids for pregnancy to occur.

Please visit our Sexual Health 101 page for lots of information on outercourse, sexual misconceptions, and anything related: 


A late period can also be caused by your stress, exercise, or a change in diet, among other reasons.

If you are interested in being sexually active or often have worries like this, is there anywhere confidential you can go to get BC? Anyone older you can talk to? Although I understand not wanting to be judged, a pregnancy is much more serious than taking a risk to find ways to protect against it. 


March 1, 2012 - 8:56am
EmpowHER Guest
Anonymous (reply to Danielle Serrano)

sadly there are none here. we really are careful regarding intimate moments between us. whenever he's fingering me, he would not ejac while doing so. if ever he would, he would finish off in the washroom. and he said that he always cleans his hands after. and also said that he is clean of sperm whenever he touches me.

we had been doing this for months, and i always had my period, although sometimes its late and sometimes, earlier than expected. i feel a little better now that you said that there is no chance in pregnancy with what we did. i just cant open these things with anyone, because somehow, where i am living, things like these are somewhat.. unusual or so. all i needed was someone who'll answer my question and to open this thing up. i am under so much stress right now (not only regarding this no show period, but i am currently taking up a hard course) and i think that my period isnt here because of this. also, currently, i had been having lack of sleep often. does that also affect my period?

March 1, 2012 - 9:47am
(reply to Anonymous)


Lack of sleep can indeed affect your period. You're too young to be so stressed & worried, try to take it easy. Just remember to use protection and caution in the future to avoid any worries. Understanding how pregnancies and periods work will also help. Good luck!



March 2, 2012 - 6:41am
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