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I might be pregnant but not sure

By December 8, 2009 - 10:39am
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I can't remember the date of the last time I had unprotected sex but I do know it was maybe early October. What I do know is that I had my period after that and that was back on October 26 and it ended November 2nd 2009. I haven't had intercourse but I have had anal sex unprotected but that was it. Then I recently had protected sex Decemeber 5th. I haven't gotten my period yet. I took a HPT and it came out negative. i took it on Friday Decemeber 4 th. I feel some cramping as though I am going to get it but it can be all in my head. I did see some spottin on Monday November 30 but it went away. Can I still be pregnant?

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I certainly do hope you are right! thanks again for your advice

December 8, 2009 - 6:07pm

My Period typically lasts for 5 days. However, I did get some spot bleeding on November 30th but when i put a pad on, there was no more blood. The anal sex happened before my last period and I'm assuming even if fluids got into my vagina, i wouldn't be pregnant because I still got my period after the act. I tested for pregnancy on Friday,Dec 4th when I realized that my period was late and that was before I had protected sex with a condom on Saturday, Dec 5th. That test came out to be negative. What do you think happened and what should I do? I feel the cramping ad if i'm going to have it but my period is extremely late. Thanks

December 8, 2009 - 3:07pm
(reply to mosprcs)

It is doubtful that you are pregnant, since you had protected sex with a condom. Again, nothing is 100%, but condoms are up to 98% effective at preventing pregnancy. Good for you!

Any sexual encounters before your last menstrual period are not factors for you during this cycle, and any HPT you take between now and the next 2 weeks would show up as negative (not enough "pregnancy hormone" if you are pregnant, which is extremely unlikely).

Let us know when your next period begins! Your late period is probably just late, and is so common that there really isn't need for concern or to try to figure out "why". Doctors aren't concerned about late periods; they aren't even concerned about missed periods (with no pregnancy) until a woman has missed more than 2 or 3 periods in-a-row. It really is that common, although I know it is unsettling.

Any cramping you feel now would either be an upcoming period or digestive issue (again, a pregnancy does occur right away after sex...did you know it actually takes 10-14 days for a woman to become pregnant?! It takes that long for the egg to release, sperm to fertilize egg in fallopian tube, fertilized egg to travel down fallopian tube to uterus, egg to successfully implant in uterus...it is quite a process!).

December 8, 2009 - 3:14pm

Just to confirm the important dates (any unprotected sexual intercourse you had before your period would not "count" as far as being pregnant now; any menstrual period indicates that you are not pregnant that cycle). And, I'm sure you know, that you can not become pregnant from unprotected anal sex, unless some ejaculatory fluid came near/on/inside your vagina.

- You had protected sex on December 5th
- Your LMP (last menstrual period) was October 26th
- You have not had a period since this time
- You are not on about "day 43" of your cycle (which is definitely considered "late"), as most women's cycles range from 21-35 days (between periods, counting on the first day of bleeding for each period).

Good for you for having protected sex! Depending on what method you used (condom, for example), you would be up to 98% protected from pregnancy (if used consistently and correctly).

A HPT would come out negative, as it is just 3 days after protected sex. A HPT would not show reliable results until about 2 weeks after unprotected sex episode.

- How long are your periods typically?
- Is there any chance of ejaculatory fluid coming into contact with your vagina during anal sex (assuming this occurred after your Oct 26th period)?
- Was the protected sex you had on Dec. 5th using a reliable form of birth control (condom, for instance)?

Some women have late periods for no "apparent" reason, and if you used a reliable form of birth control correctly on Dec 5th, there is not much of a chance that you are pregnant (nothing is 100% effective). I know it is unsettling (to say the least) to not have your period start, but this is a common occurrence for women to have a late, or even a missed, period.

Your next step is, unfortunately, to wait until your next period, or wait 2 weeks and retest using a HPT. It is doubtful that you are pregnant if you answered favorably to the above questions (reliable birth control used correctly, and no chance of ejaculatory fluid coming into contact with your vagina during anal sex).

Does this help?

December 8, 2009 - 2:12pm
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