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I really need Opinion

By January 24, 2020 - 7:28am
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Hi, I have question to ask regarding someone. My sister is suffering with paranoia, depression and anxiety and she’s 29 years old. Her problems are complicated and doesn’t listen to no one. She gives so much hard time to everyone. You have no idea how she bothers people. I would like to know does it make sense I go to a psychiatrist on behalf of her to get their opinion on what we can do? We really need their opinion to know what we can do to like manage with such person. She doesn’t want to go but drives everybody crazy and makes everybody yell this is not right but at least we really need their opinion to know what we can do to manage and help her out. This way I know is helpful because I looked up on google and YouTube getting advice which helps but it’s not hundred percent helpful like this I need to here it from someone. I really do appreciate your opinion.
Thank You,

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HERWriter Guide

Hi Melissa

Thank you for your post.

I know we have helped you a few times on this topic and I'm sorry you are still dealing with these family issues.
I think it would be fine to talk to a doctor about your sister's illness, if only to get a better idea how to better handle the dynamics that are going on in your home. When one person is ill, the entire family goes through hard times. A doctor may be able to help you learn how to cope better and give you some tools to better interact with your sister and make the family space calmer.

Unfortunately it doesn't seem like your sister is willing or able to seek help on her own, so seeking professional advice for the family may help. Let us know how things go.


January 24, 2020 - 12:27pm
(reply to SusanC)

Thanks for your reply. What you’re saying is that it is okay that I go to a psychiatrist to get opinions and suggestions on behalf of my sister? Their is one thing bothering me about this. When I go to the psychiatrist for my sister I of course in advance call in explaining somethings about it but what I’m wondering is that I don’t want the psychiatrist to think in anyway that is for me. This is for my sister nothing more. I’m seeing them on behalf of my sister to get help and opinion from them for her. You know what I mean from here?

January 24, 2020 - 11:16pm
HERWriter Guide (reply to Melissa6666)

Hello again Melissa

Yes, it's fine to talk to a psychiatrist to get opinions and suggestions on your sister's behalf. It doesn't matter what they think about you, don't get upset that they might think it's YOU in particular who needs help. These are mental health professionals with a lot of experience.

Bear in mind that psychiatrists generally deal in medication only- it's psychologists who will help regarding the family dynamics and day-to-day living with a family member who has mental health issues. So you may want to choose a psychologist or family counselor, as well as a psychiatrist. There isn't much a psychiatrist can do without a detailed assessment of your sister. See someone, by all means, just bear in mind that they will likely refer you to a psychologist.

Mental health in the family is a family issue and all are involved.


January 27, 2020 - 1:51pm
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