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I went to a pain management doctor. I went to the office 4 times, nothing was prescribed.

By Anonymous December 1, 2017 - 5:22pm
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Whenl I asked for something, I was given an anti inflammatory. then a cream at the price of $204.00. My pain was sciatica and bursitis. I saw him one time and the staff the rest of the time.

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Addicted you say. Most narcotic meds are addictive. What the problem is all this BS war on Doctors. Thats what its come to.. The difference for most patients like myself that has been a pain management patient for 21 years, is I myself, and most that are in a program for a lengthy time is this, we are dependant on our pain medication. Are we addicted? Well i guess we are, the difference though is we take our meds as prescribed, we dont abuse and take more then prescribed, then those go and want early refills and are out of the program, no 2nd or 3rd strikes. We are dependant, and the meds make our lives manageable. We live in pain even though we are taking pain meds, but without them the pain would be unbearable, or at least that's how my life is. For 15 years ive seen the same pain management Dr, one of the best. You dont walk in and get a script thrown at you. Every month a urinalysis to make sure what's on our urine is whats prescribed and nothing else. The miligram prescribed and not half or twice as much. Each month this is the 1st thing done, then the nurse comes into the room, vitals are taken, and all meds are gone over and we discuss how our month has been, what we did, how our pain was, things that made it worse, and things that possibly made it better. Then we see the Dr, another similiar type visit with the Dr, then at times we may get an office therapy like electricity or similiar to what a nerve stimulator does. Or other type therapys. Once this is complete our prescription is written till the same or similiar appointment 28 to 30 days later. What the problem is now a few Senators got it in their head that problems still exhist even after 99.9% of the pill mills were shut down in the 80s & 90s. Research was done by Drs that havnt a clue and arent pain management specialists, and other Drs that dont believe in narcotic long term pain treatment. With many biased studies about the deaths due to overdose or however they died, these numbers they come up with, which i believe was around 62,000 for 2017. But the lumped em all together to get the FDA, CDC, & DEA involved. It wasnt until more studies were done by medical doctors pissed off by getting treated like criminals, that they found the deaths weren't catagorized, but lumped together. Over 60% were street drugs like cocain, tar heroine, and man made drugs that contained fentynal that made the street drug 3 & 4 times the usual strength and death count started to rise. Other deaths, just over 12% were senior citizen type patients that were in late stages and death was their diagnosis. And another 15% were Cancer patients and others suffering from diseases that weren't curable or operable and i their final stages. Less then 5% of the overdoses came from actual pain managed patients. And approx another 5% came from high school age, teenage, college age kids who got into their parents or grandparents, neighbors medicine cabinets, and stole prescriptions that were written for their parents or siblings, and instead of properly disposing of the remaining medicine from a script that may of originally contained 30 pills for John Does knee surgery, or gall bladder, or similiar surgeries. They put the remaining pills into their cabinets only to stolen. Now After all this Doctors like one of the best Pain Management Drs in my home state, is forced to whats been wriiten by the FDA, CDC, As a guideline for prescribed pain medicine. Morphine isnt to exceed 100mg per 24hr period. And for those like myself who rely on these meds to live a life thats fulfilling and beneficial, are stuck with little options to stay out of excruciating pain. I was on a dose of 300mg per 24hrs. 100mg MS Contin (morphine) every 8 hrs. Now ive been tapered down to 120mg per 24hrs and nxt month unless i have a $50 Thousand dollar surgery, plus Dr fees, pain pump costs, and all the rest of the costs, im living in the worse pain in 20 years due to idiots who never wrote a script in their lives, or dont know the first thing about pain management and safe dosing. A lot of Drs will say 300mg is high and way to much, but 99% arent pain drs and 99% dont believe in pain meds to treat chronic pain. I either have to undergo having a pump installed in my body which treats pain with far less medication because it goes directly into the spinal fluid, and brain. But these pumps have recall after recall and csn malfunction in many ways. This is a very low percentage, but its happened and can happen again. These manufactures have been fined millions by the FDA, and by the patient also. But when these companies make a couple billion each year, what's $90 million a year in fines?? So everyone needs to do their research before jumping on the pain war wagon and stop putting Drs and patients in harms way, not to mention pain that now stays around 6 to 8 on a 10 scale depending on how active my day is. When before i lived in a 3 or 4 on a 10 scale and had a life that was beneficial to society and not hurting anyone.

March 20, 2018 - 9:47pm
EmpowHER Guest
Anonymous (reply to Anonymous)

You said that very well!
I too have been dealing with pain over 22 years and I too have been given and told the same things!
I am 100% with you!
It's so sad what the world is coming to.. And that there are meds out there to let us lead a productive life and yes even when we jump through all the hoops and pass all their tests we are still lectured om all the reasons why the doctors who are in pain management still don't want to prescribe because they are so afraid of the D.E.A. and other government agencies that know nothing nor care about the pain we live with daily..
I have NEVER TOUCHED STREET DRUGS ETC.. but I can understand why people turn to them!

January 9, 2019 - 12:19pm

Hello. Thank you for posting.

Try going to another doctor. Some doctors are very careful about prescribing painkillers these days as so many people get addicted to them.


December 1, 2017 - 5:56pm
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