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This isn't a question about the body, but I need advice...please?

By Anonymous January 9, 2017 - 12:50am
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I'm 22 years old, senior in university and im generally reserved and introverted. Basically a hermit, if that's what it's called. I need help with my parents... As a teen, I was severely sheltered; not allowed to hang out at other kids' homes, not allowed to go out to the mall alone, not even allowed to walk home after school and I literally lived 3 blocks away. It's fine and dandy now when I think about it, they wanted to keep me safe, but now it's ridiculous. I'm an adult, I do small things on the side for extra money while I study, I don't party or do drugs or go on impulsive and unplanned road trips with friends like you see in movies. No, I stay at my sorority, I'm called a prude because of my poor social life. I have a good boyfriend, who also studies and things for a 22 year old should be great right? Wrong in this case.

My parents are even more overbearing than before. I'm not allowed to drive further than a hour out of town, I'm not allowed to go on vacation with friends, there's always an issue if my boyfriend comes to visit because I can't be left alone for a second because I believe they see me as some sex-crazed maniac, which I'm not, this guy is my first college boyfriend and we've never even "did the deed". Oh, on that topic, I've asked a question here before regarding that. I have an insane fear towards sex in general because of my parents. Like, one time I had to leave town for a few days and when I came back, I put my clothes in the wash like I always do, I was interrogated because "Why do I wash my clothes? Do I have something to hide?" Also, the boyfriend asked me and some mutual friends to help him move into his new apartment oout of state, absolutely not because I'm only going to have sex right? It's become so bad, along with the fear of sex, anxiety and paranoia, that I've come to despise babies, giving birth and the overall cycle of motherhood, which is horrible because it's the most beautiful thing ever. I can't help it... I would have liked to have a family in the future but due to years of this, I won't be able to bring myself to become pregnant out of sheer fear. I'm yearning to move out in November because I've never had the freedom to actually live. And I'm desperate for a life I can call my own but at 22, that dream is still far. Even if I do move out, the hovering and opression won't end.
Please, can anyone help me approach this with them? In a way my mother won't freak out?

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