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Last month i had my period for 3days is that counted as a regular period?

By October 17, 2010 - 4:33pm
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Its not like me to have a period 3 days its normally 4-5days. Last month the period was from 9/23/10-9/25/10 but in aug it was 8/25/10-8/29/10. When I got it last month it was 2 days after I had sex with my partner sometimes he rips the tip off the condom. I don't know if he did it at that time. I'm expecting my period the end of this week. But for the past week & a 1/2 I've been having pregnancy symptoms. I've been having lower abdominal cramps, abdominal bloatedness, tender breasts, they're swollen, the areolas got bigger & darker, lower back pains, put on extra weight in a short period of time, extra tired, & nausea. I need some advice asap because if I am pregnant I would need to know how far I am.

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we cant be too sure go have a test , but you might be..

October 17, 2010 - 8:10pm
(reply to Anonymous)

Oh ok I was just asking because this never happened to me before. See, I already have 2 lil ones a 4yr old boy & a 14month old girl. With them I automatically knew because I missed my period so that was an automatic sign. And since I'm short I'm 5'1" & always had a pudge on me so when I do get pregnant I show earlier then when I'm supposed to & I carry big for example, if I'm 4months I look like I'm more 6-7months. But rite now there's a lot of people asking me if I'm pregnant & I be like I don't know. I am expecting my period between the 20th & the 23rd now if it doesn't come then I know what to do. But yes, I was asking about that 3day period issue because it felt like a regular flow by being heavy but it was shorter then usual & I'm not used to that. I'm used to it being 4-5 days not 3. And since 1 week & a 1/2 ago I've been having a lot of pregnancy symptoms as mentioned above.

October 19, 2010 - 11:27am
(reply to leslienrichard)

Women can have changes in their period, and this does not indicate a pregnancy. You have not missed your October period yet, and if you are worried about pregnancy, wait until your period begins or take a home pregnancy test if it does not begin when expected.

Most women do not have any pregnancy symptoms until AFTER they have missed their period. Pregnancy symptoms and pre-menstrual symptoms are almost identical, and the symptoms you describe could be caused by an upcoming period...not necessarily pregnancy.

A 3 day period is fine; and I'm not sure why you would think this would indicate a pregnancy? It is the absence of a menstrual period that would indicate a pregnancy. A shorter period is just a different period than your usual; when you may be concerned is if you have bleeding that lasts more than 7 days. Women's bodies are not like clockwork, and our bodies react and interact to our environments, and can "cause" shorter periods, longer cycles, different symptoms. If you ever experience excessive bleeding or pain, these are reasons to call your doctor. A 3-day period is normal and healthy.

I am not sure why your partner is ripping the top of the condom off on a consistent basis?! You two may want to learn more about the proper use of condoms, or think about other birth control methods: Help! The Condom Broke During Sex: How to Prevent "Wardrobe Malfunctions".

Also, you can read about how to know when your menstrual cycle is normal/healthy: How to Know if Your Period is Normal

October 19, 2010 - 12:11pm
(reply to Alison Beaver)

First of all, I'm no young girl I know the proper use of condoms. I know my partner had ripped the top of the condom a few times because I actually seen him do it & those times it did mess my period up & even then I thought I was pregnant & this was back in spring of this year. 1st time in april 2010 & 2nd time in may 2010. Now this the 3rd time I haven't witnessed him ripping the tip of the condom recently unless he did it on the sneak tip. I kept track of when he was here back in september 2010 I'm not going to mention all dates but when he was here 9/12/10-9/13/10 somethin was fishy & I had a feeling he had did something sneaky because I haven't been feeling like myself since. And also when he was here 9/20/10-9/21/10 when he spent the nite we messed around & 2nites later I get my period. Well I'm a 31 year old female & I know what I'm feeling as far as these symptoms. When I get period symptoms its the day of & its only cramping & back aches & being bloated that's it!!!!! I don't never get the extra stuff that I had mentioned in the beginning. The pregnancy symptoms that I'm having I've had for a week & a 1/2. And every woman is different just like every pregnanchy is different & like I mentioned I do have two children & my pregnancies with each of them was different. With my daughter I had pregnancy symptoms before my missed period & it was the same symptoms that I'm having now. So a mother that's been pregnant twice before knows if she's pregnant or not. I just wanted to know if having a 3day period is normal & does it count as a regular period. I'm going to the clinic in a few days to get a pregnancy test if I don't get my period. The form I have to filll out does ask when was the 1st day of your last period & I just wanted to know if I could put 9/23/10 since it was 3days or put 8/25/10 which was 5days. I'm asking because I never had a 3day period in my life I always had a period between 4-5 days nothing more nothing less.

October 19, 2010 - 5:17pm
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