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Late period, help!

By February 24, 2010 - 11:11am
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My period last month (Jan) came around the 19th from what I can remember. (I don't usually keep perfect track of my cycle)
My boyfriend and I had protected sex on the 20th and since we've had a pregnancy scare before, we always check during sex to make sure the condom is doing it's job and isn't broken.
So technically my period was already a day or so late when we had intercourse. Well that night, the condom did break but we noticed and stopped before he was able to "climax". The next morning we went out and got Plan B One Step, and I've used Plan B on numerous occasions due to slip ups like this. I took it immediately.

It's now the 24th, so I'm pretty late on my period, and the only sickness I've been feeling is a cold that I started to get around the 20th that started with a sore throat. (same day we had sex) Other symptoms are fever, headache, drowziness and frequent urination which I'm sure is from all the water and tea I've been drinking to get better.
I know that Plan B can make your period really late, it made my friend 2 weeks late once and it's previously made me 1 week late before when I had used it because I recently was stopping my birth control for financial reasons. So stopping the birth control and taking Plan B really messed up my cycle at that time.
I have not been on birth control for months so my period being late this time does not have to do with the coming off birth control and Plan B mixture that made it late last time.
I know stressing about my period coming late will make it come later but for how long will that paranoia last! lol

Just wondering if anyone can shed some light on my situation, had a similar problem and what your out come was or just any help or advice in general.
Thanks a bunch!

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You have definitely put my worries at ease! Thank you very much for your insight! And once I get my period I will jump with joy and share the good news lol :)

February 25, 2010 - 6:22pm

The egg is a symbol of life and fertility, but the superstition about two yolks is just that -- a superstition. It probably just means that you got extra B vitamins, and that the farm where those eggs came from have some happy chickens!

But back to your original question:

I would say the chance that you are pregnant is very, very, very slight, for these reasons:
1. The fact that you were very near your next period, which should have meant you ovulated long before that;
2. Even with the broken condom, your boyfriend withdrew before he ejaculated;
3. On top of that, you took Plan B, and you took it quickly.

Plan B can, indeed, change your cycle entirely all on its own. (Even if you aren't using birth control pills). It is hormonal, and one of the listed side effects is a change in menstrual cycle. That could mean it comes immediately, a week late, 2 weeks late or that you skip one.

Be extra careful about birth control while you wait for your cycle to reset itself. You may be ovulating at a time you don't expect to. And don't worry so much -- I really think you have nothing to fret about here. You're just dealing with the hormonal changes from Plan B, and that's totally normal.

Does that help a little?
Will you come back and update us?

February 25, 2010 - 9:39am
(reply to Diane Porter)

Guess what!?!
My period came yesterday! Exactly a week late, again!
Though after reading your post before I got my period I was 459269823509 times less worried. I've never really researched how to calculate ovulation and when it happens so I hadn't even accounted for that! Thanks so much for your insight and guidance!
Now I'm researching birth controls other than the pill because I cannot deal with this kind of stress anymore haha!


February 27, 2010 - 5:19pm
(reply to victorialinsey)


I am so happy for you!!! You're very welcome for the help. (Isn't it funny -- we hate our periods except when they're absent, and then we REALLY REALLY want them!

Never hesitate to ask us if you have more questions about anything, all right? Thanks for coming back and updating!


March 1, 2010 - 9:53am

After posting this I went to go make eggs, and both eggs I used had 2 yolks inside!? Is this a good sign or a bad sign. I've heard from some people that whenever they get twin eggs they're pregnant. I hope that's not what it means for me.

February 24, 2010 - 11:35am
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