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Late period. Unsure if I am pregnant.

By June 11, 2009 - 7:15pm
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Hi. I am 24 years old. I am on birthcontrol, however forgot to take a tablet and took it a day late this past pack. I very light spotting the week before my period for less than a day. I missed my period. When I went to the bathroom after being 3 days late I had very light spotting again and that was the only time I saw it. I am now 8 days late. My last period was May 6th. My fiance and I have unprotected sex throughout the month. The only protection we have is the birth control. I am worried about it. He is a nurse. He is not concerned and told me to wait to see if I miss it again this coming month. I have not taken a pregnancy test yet. I am wondering if I should take the test I guess. As well as what are the odds I could be pregnant. Other information. I changed birthcontrol back in december to nuvoring. I did not like it so two months ago I went back to the pill. My period was early the month I ended nuvoring by a week as well as the first month on the new pill. The second month it was normal.

Thank you

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Hi, Rubberducky! Welcome to EmpowHer!

From what you tell me, my best guess would be that you are not pregnant, you are simply on an irregular cycle this month, perhaps due to your body still switching from the nuvaring to the pill, and perhaps from the missed pill itself (which can cause spotting). Usually one missed pill, taken the next day, is not enough by itself to compromise your protection against pregnancy.

However, If I were you, I would definitely take a home pregnancy test. And here's why: Birth control pills are only 97% to 99% effective. That seems really effective, doesn't it? But that's 1 to 3 women per 100 who get pregnant on the pill. If just one doctor's office has a thousand patients, that's 10 to 30 patients who got pregnant while on the pill in just that one office. It does happen, and you need to know about it if it's possible that it has. Do NOT wait another month to see -- simply because the anxiety isn't worth it. Your fiance should definitely support you here!

If you are pregnant, you need to know. If you aren't pregnant, you need to know.

Get a pregnancy test that mentions on the box that it tells you early -- some tell you within 5 days of a missed period, others say they can tell you within a day of a missed period. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get the results you want.

June 12, 2009 - 8:07am

Take a test!
The home testing kits are generally sufficiently accurate to tell if you are pregnant on the first day of a missed period.
While if you are planning a pregnancy it would be normal to wait and see if you missed a second period, with an unplanned pregnancy, the earlier you know the more time you'll have.
Enough time that any decision you may chose to make won't be rushed. Enough time to find out all the information you may need about financial and emotional support.
Good luck

June 12, 2009 - 7:15am
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