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By March 2, 2012 - 6:07am
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Last December my girlfriend and I fooled around but we did not have sex, infact we have never had sex. She is 15, I just turned 16. The only way she could have gotten pregnany is maybe (but seems very doubtful), that their could have been some sperm on my fingers but it would have been so little amount that I wouldnt have noticed. Anyways she said that in Jan her period was two to three days late and lasted shorter than usual, then in Feb she said that it was two to three days late again and lasted shorter than usual, but she had a blood clot (the first time shes ever had one), and then this morning March 2, 2012, she said she thinks she may have had some spotting. (i forgot to ask what the blood was like so we could tell the difference between spotting and vaginal bleeding. So basically my question is could she be pregnant, or we just being perinoid or what is going on? She thinks the blood clot and everything may have been a miscarriage because she says she had some of the symptoms, but unfortunatley it seems that the symptoms of a miscarriage are almost the same as the symptoms for pregnancy so we cant really tell and if she went to a doctor and found out she had a miscarriage or is pregnant then things would get very very bad for us.

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Okay well today when I got home I called my girlfriend and i asked her what color the blood was this morning from her bleeding and she said brownish red which is spotting right? so uh Im trying to act calm so not to worry her but then on top of that she tells me that all day she has felt bad, headaches, back aches, cramps, stomach hurts so yeah. Plus what are the odds that all this would be happening two months after when we last fooled around so i mean i am officialy worried but i am trying to remain calm so not to scare her but what do u think? do u think she could be pregnant and that she is displaying the symptoms? or is she displaying the symptoms of a miscarriage i don't know but what do u think?

March 2, 2012 - 3:15pm

Hi Ireallyhopenot,

I agree with Daisy's answer in which you responded to here: https://www.empowher.com/community/ask/late-periods-blood-clots-help-please

It is very unlikely that she is pregnant. Oftentimes when we are young, menstruation can be very sporadic and strange. Stress, a change in diet, and exercise can all lead to abnormal or even absent periods. I know you said there's no way of getting a pregnancy test, but that or time is the only sure way to tell. However, like Daisy said, the chances are minimal & it is unlikely. 

I know you are worried, but the guides here are all very knowledgeable and resourceful. In the future, please limit similar/ same questions to one post, so we have more time to help others with questions. 

There's a group here that you may get support from:


In the meantime, please read the resources Daisy provided for you, as they are very informational, & may quell your fears and questions in the future. 



March 2, 2012 - 6:29am
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