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Missed Period, Should I be worried?

By September 1, 2011 - 5:47pm
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I have been taking Birth Control for about 3 years now but I am a little worried right now. On my 3rd week of my Birthcontrol I missed Friday and Saturdays pill of that week and took those 2 plus Sundays pill all together on Sunday. Friday was my day of ovulation and, I had unprotected Sex with my boyfriend and he did enjaculate in me. I started having discharge (brownish) for about 3 days after i had intercourse and I got my menstual cycle but its very abnormal for me? It is really dark? My question is, is there a possiblity I could be pregnant even if i got my period? I have heard stories that you could still get your period and be pregnant, Im just worried.

Thank you for your Help!

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Thank you that helped!
I actually was having the discharge (brownish color) while I was on the active pills still I needed my 4th week to finish. 3 days of my inactive pills I was still having the discharge on the 4th day of my inactive pill I started getting cramps and that's when I actually started my menstrual period? I'm sorry if I am confusing you guys, again thanks for your help!

September 1, 2011 - 9:05pm

There are a few misconceptions that need to be cleared up, in order to fully answer your question.

1. Women do not ovulate when they use hormonal contraception, such as the birth control pill. This is actually one of the reasons the pill is so effective, as it prevents ovulation (as well as a few other things).
2. Women do not actually have a menstrual period when the use hormonal contraception (when used every day). The bleeding they experience during the week of inactive pills is called "withdrawal bleeding", and is your body "withdrawing" from the lack of hormones (the inactive pills contain no hormones).
3. When you miss pills, you can experience withdrawal bleeding, but also "breakthrough bleeding" (which is just bleeding anytime during your cycle that is hormone-related). If you miss enough pills, a woman could begin her regular menstrual cycle (and this is when she would be ovulating, and have a risk of pregnancy).

With this new information, it is important to know if the bleeding you experienced was during the week of your inactive pills (when you would usually expect to bleed).

Anytime you miss pills, the effectiveness rate for pregnancy prevention decreases. It is also important to follow the directions on your pills when you miss a pill or two, as you should not take three pills in one day (you need to double-up; I can explain more in-depth if you would like this information).

For your question specifically, I am unclear if you experienced bleeding during your inactive pills (when you would expect to bleed, and this would indicate that you are most likely not pregnant). If you have been bleeding for a few days and it is during your inactive pill week, then you can count this as your "withdrawal bleeding" and it indicates you are not pregnant. I can not say this with 100% certainty, and you may need to wait until your next cycle, or take a home pregnancy test in 2 weeks.

The "rumors" you have heard about women bleeding during pregnancy has some truth, but this bleeding is not a typical menstrual period. Bleeding during pregnancy can be very serious, can lead to miscarriage, or can be bleeding from other sources or for other reasons (menstruation is specifically blood and tissue that is being shed from your entire uterine lining; the same lining that a fertilized egg is implanted during pregnancy. When this lining is shed with a fertilized egg, it is called a miscarriage).

I hope this answers your questions (and does not confuse you more!). Please ask if you need clarification, but know that there is not a 100% guarantee if you are/are not pregnant...no one can tell you this over the internet. It is most likely that you are NOT pregnant if you have been bleeding for several days, like a period, and it is during your inactive week of pills.

Period blood can be any combination of colors: red, pink or brown.

September 1, 2011 - 7:07pm
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