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Missing birth control and unprotected sex

By December 20, 2009 - 12:43pm
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Im on YAZ and ive probably been on it for at least 6 months (give or take) I start the pack on sunday and i think it was the 2 week in on wed. and thurs. i missed my pills and started my period. I took two on friday and two more on saturday. I recently had unprotected sex on the 19th (yesterday) and i was just wondering what my chances of becoming pregnant are.. oh and i usually dont take my pill the same time everyday (i know this is bad) just be nice please.

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Hi Amber,
We promise..we'll be nice! :-)

I am a little confused as to what pills you missed, and when your "period" came (or, this could have been breakthrough bleeding), as it sounds like you missed pills a few weeks ago, then had a period, then had unprotected sex? You start your new pack on "a Sunday", and seeing as today is Sunday, I'm wondering if you meant today or next week? The timing is important when you missed your pills, when you doubled-up on the missed pills, when you had sex anytime this cycle.

Basically, yes, anytime you have sex within the seven days after you miss 2 or more pills in-a-row, without back-up method (condom), then your pills are not as effective at preventing pregnancy. That is important! If you missed pills a few weeks ago ("Week 2", as you said), and only had sex without a back-up birth control yesterday, then your pill would be effectively protecting you from pregnancy during your sexual encounter yesterday, assuming you are taking the pill as directed.

When used consistently and correctly every day, about the same time of day, your pill is 99% effective at preventing pregnancy. You mentioned that you do not take your pill the same time every day, and you said, "I know this is bad". Don't be hard on yourself, but I assume you choose to use hormonal contraception, such as the pill, because of it's high effectiveness rate at preventing pregnancy. When you do not take it the same time of day, every day, the effectiveness rate of the pill is no longer 99% effective. (An hour or two would not make much of a difference, if taken every day). I just want you to know that you have a few choices to make, and you have all of the control to do so. If you are not able to take your pill the same time every day, there are many other birth control options available for you...we can guide you through some of them if you'd like!

The biggest question is: did you have sex (without a back-up birth control method) within the 7 days after you missed your pills?

If I'm misunderstanding, here is the information I would need to know, so we can know exactly what your situation is:

Week 2 of Pills (is this correct?)
(insert date, Wed): missed Wed. pill
(insert date, Thur): missed Thur. pill
(insert date, Fri): doubled up on pills (Wed + Fri)
(insert date, Sat): doubled up on pills (Thu + Sat)

Week 3 of pills (is this correct?)
(insert date, Sun): started "period" (actually, withdrawal bleeding)
Monday-Friday: took pills as usual
(12/19--yesterday, Sat): sexual intercourse

Week 4 of pills (is this correct?)
(12/20--today, Sun): start the white "sugar pills"

Week 1 of new pill pack (is this correct?)
(12/7--next week, Sun): start new pack?

Is the above information correct? If not, please correct it in your next post, so we provide you with the most accurate answer.

December 20, 2009 - 2:08pm
(reply to Alison Beaver)

Week 2 of Pills
(dec.9th, Wed): missed Wed. pill
(dec.10th, Thur): missed Thur. pill
(dec.11th, Fri): doubled up on pills (Wed + Fri)
(dec.12th, Sat): doubled up on pills (Thu + Sat)
the 11th and 12th were the days i had the bleeding.
i keep taking the pill as usual after i doubled up on my pills those two days.
dec.19th was the day i had sexual intercourse without any protection.
i hope that was the information you wanted to know.

December 20, 2009 - 3:36pm
(reply to amber8)


Since December 19th was 7 days after your last doubling-up dose of the pills, then you did not need to use back-up protection, and you can consider that sexual encounter as "protected sex" since you were using the pill.

The bleeding you experienced on the 11th & 12th is normal, as many times after you've missed a few pills, then double-up, your body can react to this roller coaster of hormones by "breakthrough bleeding", which is perfectly safe and normal. You don't cause any harm by forgetting doses than doubling-up; it just creates uncertainty with your bleeding, as breakthrough bleeding can happen anytime between periods. (And, you don't actually have a period when you are taking hormonal contraceptives, but it is called "withdrawal bleeding", since the pill is preventing ovulation...that leads to a menstrual period...and your body is instead experiencing bleeding from the withdraw of hormones (during the 7 days on inactive pills).

Perhaps more info. than you wanted, but again, you can "count" your Dec. 19th sexual intercourse as sex with protection from pregnancy.

December 20, 2009 - 4:09pm
(reply to Alison Beaver)

Thank you very much! :)

December 20, 2009 - 4:18pm
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