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is my friend lying

By February 10, 2010 - 2:08am
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hi there, my firend has had some medical problems... and she seems to drag me down as well. before all her drama, we were practically dram free, we were careless kids. till high school came around. she started to act like every "witch"in the school, i went to a different school to make new friends and to stand out from my other friends. we always faught over something so small like me not paying any attention to what she had to say, beacuse it was always gossip. this part is always pointless i know haha, but any ways. She started to tell me that she was suicidle, depressed. she started smokeing, theni started smokeing... what can i say, pier pressure... but i had stopped. i was off and on but quit because my fiance' asked me to. back to my friend. i know she had done some crazy drugs in the past and she drank under sge untill she turned 19 this year. she wsa on anti depression pills and others as well, and drinking too. she sent me a message on facebook explaining why she couldn't do this internship, here was the messge

" I passed out at it today.
My results came in at the drs.
I'm not doing to well.
My blood is to thin, and my body has stopped producing blood cells.
My heart is beating irregularly again,
and it's getting smaller.
Not to mention my body isn't producing nutrients, or the acid my stomach needs to break down food.
This is all due to taking pills.
I've passed my limit, any I take now is pretty much asking for my death in full. I want to go though. "

like i said i know she has been sucidle before, but do i have a cause of concern that she would either lie about this or would she really go through with takeing another pill just to see if she would kill her self. should i be asking my friends parents to see if this is all true. i don't like ratting my friends out when it could be nothing, but this is a health concern right?
and also could she belying about that dr. visit she had? could her heart really shrink... getting smaller?

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I want to say how proud I am of you for caring about your friend even though things haven't always been the best between you, and for bringing this to our attention to ask our opinion.

I would say that you definitely need to talk to an adult about your friend. Maybe your mom or your friend's mom. Anytime we believe someone may be suicidal we want to do whatever we can to help.

I'm not sure what she meant by her heart getting smaller, but people misunderstand doctors all the time. Certainly drugs can cause a lot of negative side effects, and depending on what she was taking, how much of it and for how long, she could have caused a lot of damage to herself.

She might be lying, or she might not. But you are right to be concerned. If she is suicidal, her facebook note to you could be a cry for help. Please tell someone who can get your friend some help, OK?

And if she's mad about this afterward, that's too bad. What you can tell her is that you care about her and that you were worried, and that if she doesn't want people to worry about her, she shouldn't write things like that on FB.

Will you tell someone? Your mom or your friend's parents? Or a teacher you know she respects?

February 10, 2010 - 11:32am
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