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My husband went through open heart surgery & has incision drainage & other symptoms. what's normal?

By Anonymous February 5, 2011 - 11:32am
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my husband went through open triple bypass, CABG surgery on 1-18-11 & got released from the hospital on 1-23-11. when he was released from the hospital he was short of breath, had hard time walking, throat was hurting, barely eats anything, has diabetes, still in extreme pain especially in chest. then he woke up with chest incision drainage on 1-30-11 so I took him to emergency room they gave him 2 prescriptions for the drainage & told us to wash it everyday with antibactirial soap & water then pat dry but only cover it when up. It's not getting any better & I've called his doctors but haven't heard back from them & I'm on my own cause a Home Health Nurse never has showed up so what should I do to help him get better?

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Hi, Alison I haven't been just waiting around patiently for them to call me back I've called then telling them that I need to know what they want me to do cause I am extremely concerned about him & what's happening. I haven't been able to go up to their office do to our vehicle being buried in the snow & all but I've made arrangements to get him to his appt tomorrow so I guess we will find out then cause they won't be able to avoid us then.

February 6, 2011 - 11:26pm
(reply to Winnie Shook)

H Winnie,
I am so glad to hear that he has an appointment today...please let us know how it goes, and if you have any follow-up questions!

I hope I did not offend by asking if you are patiently waiting for a phone call; there are women we have spoken with who err on the side of being polite (which is a wonderful trait!), instead of being a little more assertive. I really just wanted to make sure you were leaning more towards the assertive realm...which it sounds like you are!

I am sorry you were not being responded to; you may wish to bring this up at the appointment today, and ask specifically: "How do I get in touch with a Home Health Nurse who will show up? What number do I call if this person is a "no show"?". Also..."If I have concerns about my husbands recovery process, who do I call for a quick reply?".

Best wishes for a productive and positive experience today...I hope to hear back from you on any updates!

February 8, 2011 - 10:27am

I am so sorry you are in this predicament. Have you called the Home Health Nurse's representatives (company, organization, hospital, your insurance) to request another Nurse? Do they know this person has not shown up?

I am not understanding how you are calling your husband's doctors and they are not returning your phone calls. Are you able to talk with a nurse in the clinic during office hours? What did the ER doctor tell you to do if the prescriptions or drainage do not improve...are you supposed to bring him back to the ER?

It is important to either take him back to the ER, walk him into his doctor's office if you are not receiving a call-back, as this is not something you can take care of on your own.

Since I do not know you, I just wanted to make sure that you are being assertive and you can call his doctor's office, let the receptionist know that you need to bring your husband in for an exam that day (they have appointments open for "urgent care"). Perhaps they do not realize that the Home Health Nurse has not shown up, that you have already taken him to the ER, he is not improving...and you are not sure if you should take him back to the ER or to the doctor's office for a check up? When his is post-op appointment with the doctor?

February 6, 2011 - 8:37am
(reply to Alison Beaver)

hey His appt with his primary dr was set up the day after he was released from the hospital to be seen in 2 weeks so they set his appt for 2-7-11. I have called them & have let them know everything that's going on but got told they didn't have any openings & they would consult with the doctor about it to find out what he thinks then they would call me & let me know but they haven't.

February 6, 2011 - 11:25am
(reply to Winnie Shook)

Hi Winnie,
Thanks for your response! May I ask how long you have waited for them to get back to you, after consulting the doctor? You can call them back, and let them know you are very concerned, and have not received information from the doctor consult yet...you can ask when you can expect this information.

Are you worried about bothering them? If you have only called once and are politely waiting for a response...call them back! :-)

February 6, 2011 - 12:45pm
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