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No PMS symptoms...could I be pregnant?

By April 20, 2010 - 8:51pm
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Hey everyone, I've recently started having sex for the first time a few months ago. It's been with my boyfriend and we are extremely careful with protection (we use condoms). I'm 22 and starting around 3 months ago my PMS symptoms have been pretty regular, with breast soreness for about 1.5 weeks before my period. Also my period the last 3 months were about 30, 34 and 30 days. But before that it was around 38 days while i was in school. My period was irregular for years so i haven't yet seen a trend. However the first day of my last period was march 21st and i'm beginning to be concerned because i still haven't seen any signs breast soreness. i have had acne the last couple of days and have been extremely stressed about this for 3 days, i've also been stressed in general the last 2 weeks because of work, and worried about something for a week before that too. i also haven't been eating very healthy/consistantly and think i've lost a couple pounds.

The part that concerns me is that me and my boyfriend took a shower together about 10 days ago without protection but we did not have intercourse and he did not ejaculate. and he only had an erection for a short amount of time but we were near each other (so his erection was touching the outside of my hip) and he also touched me sexually but said he didn't touch himself beforehand (thus hopefully not spreading any fluid) i'm afraid that there's a possibility his pre-ejaculation may have gotten on me! i don't know how showers work with this kind of thing. I'm pretty sure he did not ejaculate at all earlier that day if that helps for information.

we didn't have sex at all in january, maybe only a handful of times in feb/march but the last 3 weeks we have done it maybe 8 times (ALWAYS protected and made sure the condom didn't break) but we have never had this much sexual activity before, i'm not sure if this can affect my hormones or not?

is this normal for my PMS to be late/missing or could this be a sign of being "late"/missing my period? when should i be concerned about pregnancy?

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EmpowHER Guest

I have a somewhat similar problem as jayjay86. My period has always been regular (27-35 day interval). I always know when it is coming because of the many PMS I experience. Even my PMS have a pattern (I easily get hungry and I crave a lot of foods 2 weeks before my period; I'm irritable, emotionally sensitive, have sore breasts, and always tired the week before my period). But now there are no symptoms, and i'm on my 26th day. I'm beginning to worry - no, scared to death - that I might be pregnant. I'm sexually active but my boyfriend and I always use condom when we do it. My diet's healthy. Yes, I'm stressed but I have always been; so I don't think stress has something to do with my problem. Is it possible to skip your PMS? I need someone to tell me that i'm just being paranoid.

March 24, 2011 - 8:03pm

Hi Jayjay86

You say the first day of your last period was about 31 days ago, and you have a history of irregular periods and you have been using protection. The stress you are having can most definitely affect your cycle, and though you showered together it does not sound likely that you had sexual contact in a way that would cause pregnancy.

There is always a chance that you are pregnant because condoms are not perfect and neither are we, but it sounds like you are stressed out and often irregular and this is just another irregular cycle. I wouldn't worry too much until you are a couple of weeks late, because stress-induced weight loss tells me that you are really stressed out and if it is having an effect on your weight, it is having an effect on your entire body.

Try not to worry so much (I know, easy to say), get some regular activity, make sure you are eating and drinking enough, get plenty of rest, and give it a little time. I'm guessing once you can calm the stress down a bit, you will have your period.

We have lots of other women in your shoes here: https://www.empowher.com/condition/menstrual-cycle

Good luck and if we can be of further help, please let us know.

April 21, 2010 - 7:54am
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