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pains all over the body

By March 10, 2011 - 3:38pm
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im sorry this is so long but this is my history for years... I have had very back back pain for as long as i can remember im 25 years old even since before i got pregnant on my first child 5 1/2 years ago, i couldnt stand for more than 10 min in the same spot that id me holding my back and id be rubbing it roughly to ease the pain but it wouldnt ease when i was pregnant the second time 3 1/2 years ago i was in pain from the start of my pregnancy and my maternity hospital ended up sending me for physio when i was 6 months pregnant and i needed to wear a belt to hold my pelvic bones together and then i suffered very bad with pains all over my legs (cronic pain) and i kept insisting to my doctor that i had arteritis but he kept telling me i am to young to have it but he perscribed me tablets for arteritis!. but now i still have back pain and leg pain but right leg is always worse than the left and know i have it in my arm, neck and shoulder but its the right side off my body that gets it really bad i have the pains now 4 weeks none stop im struggling trying to get up and down the stairs im having sleeping problems well i just always want to sleep. i got an x-ray last year on my stomach an i was told in january that everything was alright with the stomach but i have a slight curve in my spine but i was never told what size it was or anything about it but im still awaiting another x-rays on lumbar and thoracic ive to get blood test done to test bone frofile,renal profile, liver frofile, FBC/DIFF AND ESR i dont know what any of these are for (im also attending a urolgy clinic aswell cause im going the toilet alot more for the past few months) i would like to know if you could give me any information or even your oppinion on what to expect im really worrying myself thinking about the spinal xray cause it is really affecting my life im in pain all the time its that bad that i never have the energy to play with my children thank you. Donna

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For the last 15 years I've suffered with Fibromyalgia. I also have severe pain in my neck from a diving accident 31 years ago that compressed C6 & C7. Add to that Sciatica for years and a history of a few car accidents, falling out of trees, skateboards, off of fences etc. as a tomboy. Four years ago I had Psuedomonis Virus settle in my spine. By the time it was diagnosed I was passing out and having hallucinations. The 3rd day of being in the hospital my legs became paralized. They took me into emergency surgery that evening but were unable to get out all of the infection because I was bleeding out. Five days after that they performed Thorasic surgery on me and saw that it had eaten through part of my spine. I now have titanium and a metal cage in my upper back. Also from all of the slicing and dicing through layers of muscle and nerves I have Nueropathy and muscle spasms that actually make me scream and wake me up many nights doing so. Even the slightest turn or a pat on the back will get it to spasm. As we are ALL aware of the medical profession is now scared to death to write prescriptions for pain meds. The Neurosurgeon who did my surgeries said I am to NEVER have injections in my back for fear of the virus returning. So as you can see I'm between a painful rock and an agonizing hard spot. What if any information can you give me, a person who direly NEEDS pain relief? I spend most of my time in bed these days since my last pain Mngmt. Dr. retired over a year ago. Thanks for your time,
Donna (not the same Donna as above)

November 2, 2013 - 4:57pm

Hi Donna,
I am so sorry that you are suffering all this pain at such an early age and are unable to enjoy playing with your young children. Since I am not a physician and can only go by what you have told me, I will try to do my best to explain why these tests are ordered and what may possibly be going on with you.
The blood test ESR can detect inflammation. The complete blood test (CBC) with differential will detect inflammation, allergic response.

The x-rays of the spine will detect a curvature of the spine or narrowing of the spaces in between the vertebrae which are the individual bones that make up the spine. Nerves through these openings and narrowing of the spaces can cause compression or puts pressure on the nerves and can cause pain.

A bone profile will check bone density. This can detect osteoporosis. A liver and renal profile are part of a complete physical work-up. It sounds like your doctor is ordering a full battery of tests to determine the cause of all your symptoms. I hope this information has been of some help.

March 10, 2011 - 6:43pm
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