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Period 2 weeks late. 2 Neg HPT, Last "activity" 9 days ago, no Period/Preg symptoms however some ovulation symptoms..? Confused, worried.

By Anonymous May 6, 2013 - 11:37am
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Hi any help appreciated :(
Have read countless other advices out there but can't pin point my issue.

I'm 23, average cycle approx 34days.
Unsure when I ovulate :S.
Not trying to conceive.

I'm 13 days late. With no symptoms other than light acne. I usually have acne, slightly tender breasts and light cramps and get a little sick and moody the night before.

Have done a HPT on 9 days late and 12 days late. Both negative. Always use protection, however not for the first few of minutes. I understand precum may be a possibility however unlikely. Have been with partner for 5 years never missed period. (Please look at other alternatives before stating this is the reason!)

Last activity (with protection) was 9 days ago..

I have an assumption but not sure if this is possible?

3 days ago being approx a week after last "activity" I had a mild sharp cramp on my right ovary only lasted a few seconds followed by very light cramping in general abdomen area. Which never returned.

The next day I checked out my cervical goo and found that there was not alot of goo and wasn't texture was a tacky diluted egg white which didnt hold its stretchiness, what ever was left there was a very very very pale brown colour and two tiny very very faint dots of blood in the goo about half a rice grain each. I thought I might get my period later but I didn't.
I've read small dots of blood occur during implantation which would mean maybe a sperm lived and got fertilised over the last week if I'm a late ovulate (can you ovulate 2 weeks after period was due or is that waaay too late?)

However! As a predominant pain came from my right ovary I don't know what this all means? Doesn't pain from a single ovary usually signify an egg releasing during ovulation? If it was implantation bleeding, why did one ovary get a sharp pain (which was followed by very mild short lived cramps).

Maybe I completely missed my period seeing that's its been 2 weeks, and that pain was my ovulation?

When should I take another HPT?

What are your opinions?

I'm really a lot more stressed then I sound :(

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Hi I'm the anon poster! Signed up today as a member! To add to the explanation above, 3 days before the sharp ovary pain, my cervix appeared to be "SHOW" or atleast high and soft with a medium amount of eggy goo. Over the last few days since it was high for that one day or so, it has gradually lowered and firmed with less goo, but not completely dry - the goo looks/feels like tacky remnants of eggwhite, doesnt quite hold stretchiness, is white, and there's not alot of it but theres always some there and its not dry, very slightly moist. Please help!

May 6, 2013 - 11:59am
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