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By July 2, 2009 - 12:45pm
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Hi.. last year i had a misscarrage at about 8 weeks gone and already by that stage i had a tiny curve where my bump was beginning to form, morning sickness was startign to kick in when i was brushing my teeth, my breasts had swelled and the areolas had got bigger....

Since then i have slept with my now ex-partner. We used contraception barr once! and i know for a fact that once can get you pregnant with my first pregnancy i was caught out 1st time with no contraception!!

Well my question is ... I had a normal period on the 16th of may 2009. I slept with my then partner 3 weeks later (one week before my period was due) on the 6th of June 2009.. My period did arrive on the due date (13th June 2009) but in style!! i never have or have had spotting before and for about 18 hours i hardly had any menstrual bleeding just very,very miminal light pink and a tiny bit of brown stringy discharge so i presumed this was it i had fallen pregnant but the next day (day 2) it just got heavier and heavier soaking super tampons in 4 hours maximum! ... it only lasted 2 days roughly so my whole period was 3 days long.
so i would like to know if it is possible i am pregnant? i took a preg test as i was spotting which technically was only a week after having intercourse so it may have been too early to tell anyway..
I am due on my next period in 9 days (11th July 2009) which if it comes will be my 2nd since unprotected intercourse.
I have no symptoms like my last pregnancy except i was extremely fatigued roughly from 3-6 weeks pregnant (If pregnant), Swollen tummy (more bloated look than a curve), Bad breakout of acne and no interest in sex what so ever. My breasts haven't changed really and aren't great (probably due to PMS as due on in 9 days) but i wouldn't call them tender they are more normal than abnormal to this time of the month.

Is it a possibility to have your first and second period during pregnancy?
what does this sound like to you guys?
what are my chances?
i really hope i'm pregnant but honest opinions would be much appreciated!!!

Love to you all and thankyou for the advice . take care!! xxx

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Are you hoping to be pregnant from your ex-partner? May I ask why? Is there still a connection or relationship that will continue in the future? Or, are you wanting to become pregnant and not have him involved?

I am not sure why you would think you are pregnant, if you had a period that was, as you said, "soaking super tampons in 4 hours maximum"? Whether your period starts out light, then ends heavy; whether it starts heavy and ends light...or lasts 3 days or 7 days...when you have a menstrual period, that means your body is shedding the uterine lining that is not needed for an unfertilized egg. A menstrual period does not happen with a viable pregnancy.

Would you like to learn more about menstruation, conception...and how your body works? Are you going to continue having unprotected sex with your ex-partner (and does he want to have a baby with you, too)? We can share information with you about the most recent research on how to conceive, as well as birth control options. May I ask how old you are, and why you prefer to not wait to have a baby with a man that you value enough to call your current partner (and not "ex")? (Sorry to be so bold, but I am trying to understand your situation better).

July 2, 2009 - 1:43pm
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