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By Anonymous March 16, 2011 - 11:53pm
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This may be a really stupid question but can you get pregnant if pre cum or sperm (precum is what I'm assuming) is on someones hands and you don't get fingered but he touches your gentile area like on my vagina but not in in??

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You are OK and not pregnant. I think the two resources that Alison gave you are great and you should definitely look into them.



March 18, 2011 - 6:31am
EmpowHER Guest

And he also did touch my actual vagina opening

March 17, 2011 - 12:15pm
EmpowHER Guest

Ok that helped a lot!! So even if there was a possibility of pre cum on his hands I should be ok??

March 17, 2011 - 12:13pm
EmpowHER Guest

Ok so this is exactly what happened. he went to the bathroom and I even asked him if sperm came out or anything and he told me nothing did and see we had been kjissing and stuff beforehand so I don't know if his penis would have been erect but we ate before he went to the bathroom so maybe the precum went away and his penis wasn't erect anymore? Than he went to the bathroom and we talked and he put each hand in water for like 2 seconds and wiped it on his pants and then he touched my vagina like the actual opening but didn't finger me. Should I be ok? I mean I'm not for sure anything was even on his hands or not

March 17, 2011 - 11:37am
(reply to Anonymous)

If you are concerned about pregnancy from semen being on your partner's hands, then touching your vagina, you have zero chance of pregnancy from your description.

An erect penis, without ejaculation and without intercourse, is not a cause for pregnancy concern. A man can touch his own erect penis, and touch your genitals, and this would also not cause a pregnancy.

If you would like to learn how pregnancy does happen, please educate yourself on what is considered "risky" sexual behavior and what is considered "safer" sexual behavior. Two of the best sites for teenagers learning about sexual health and their bodies are: www.scarleteen.com and www.goaskalice.com.

March 17, 2011 - 12:04pm
EmpowHER Guest

If his hands were dry and he like put his hands in water for like a second should I be ok?

March 17, 2011 - 7:16am
(reply to Anonymous)

Yes, you would be OK.

March 17, 2011 - 11:24am

Hi Anon,

Sperm usually start to weaken and die within minutes of being outside of the male body. If your boyfriend had it on his hand but it did not go inside of you, then you cannot get pregnant this way. However, if it did go inside your vagina then there is a chance-- however slim-- that you can get pregnant this way. It is not common since, like I said, the sperm start to lose motility and will most likely be dead within minutes to one hour of being exposed to air.

Hope this answers your question,


March 17, 2011 - 4:46am
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