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Research, animal testing and you - how do you feel about Animal Experimentation?

By HERWriter Guide May 17, 2008 - 6:09am
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Groups like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) are avid campaigners against cruelty against animals and the end of animal research.

Their stand is that "Human clinical and epidemiological studies, studies on cadavers, and computer simulations are faster, more reliable, less expensive, and more humane than animal tests. Ingenious scientists have used human brain cells to develop a model “microbrain” that can be used to study tumors and have also come up with artificial skin and bone marrow. Instead of killing animals, we can now test irritancy on egg membranes, produce vaccines from cell cultures, and perform pregnancy tests using blood samples." (www.PETA.org)

As a devout vegetarian, I choose to wear only man- made clothing and shoes and have an unshakable belief that animal testing for any kind of cosmetic reason is unnecessary and cruel. I do my best to ensure all my products come from companies that test neither the ingredients nor the final product on animals. (beware companies that say "this finished product has not been used in animal testing" - this is code for "the separate ingredients have been tested on animals...")

But I am not sure about medical research. I want to believe that it is unnecessary but is it? Many scientists would say it's a necessary evil. Some don't mind either way and don't think it's evil, just necessary.

But many (and that number is increasing) argue that with today's technology, stem cells and other factors, animal testing is outdated, cruel and simply unnecessary.

Does anyone have further information on this subject? Do you go out of your way to buy beauty products that are not tested on animals? Do you feel animal experimentation for medical research is still necessary?

For a list of companies that do not test on animals, click here www.caringconsumer.com

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EmpowHER Guest

I probably represent a small portion of the population by saying this but I do not condone animal testing for even medical research. I think we should cherish all forms of life and that quality is much more important that quantity. I realize that medical research is necessary and that it has made great strides from the use of animals. At this point, I think we should take advantage of the other modalities that we have to explore and improve existing measures. As for humans and animals...we need to spend more time appreciating what we have, for nothing is forever!

Although these are thoughts that I keep coming back to, I can not say that I'm 100% sold on even my own argument. What a great subject to talk about!

July 25, 2008 - 11:44am

Thanks for the link for companies that do not test on animals!

I think this is a topic that I hide from, because it is awful to think about. I actually can not even go into a PetSmart of other similar store, because of the caged animals. Zoos seem cruel to me, too. (However, I realize there are some zoos that provide a more natural habitat and are there to save the animals).

But, I don't do anything about this topic, because of my fear. I am not vegetarian, and enjoy eating meat and dairy. However, I don't like to think about the products I am consuming, and whether or not the animals were treated humanely throughout the process.

I guess I feel that if I were to start worrying about animal cruelty, it would flood my every product choice, my diet and my lifestyle.

So, I do very small things and try to buy items that are not tested on animals, are organic and cage-free.

What other steps can I take to help in this area, without going full-force into this topic (as some PETA folks have been known to do extravagant, even harrassing, behavior).

May 18, 2008 - 9:29pm
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