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Swollen urethra with symptoms

By September 4, 2016 - 8:47am
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I am 54 and recently started to notice that anytime I washed my genital area it would burn, I tried various washes with no success. I also started urinating more and having mild cramp like feelings but they are extremely low in pelvic area and spread out.
I felt something and took a look than a pic or two.
I finally figured out it was my urethra. Prior to this I could not even find my urethra opening.
Now, it looks like a penis. It is pinkish with some paler areas, the urethra opeing itself is not at the tip and is a bright red around the opening. The very tip has a chunk of white, something or another. It completely blocks my vaginal opening.

I went to my Gyno first, he checked all my female parts and said he didnt see anything wrong. I showed him a pic and he told me it was my urethra and nothing he could do since I needed to pee from it. ?!
So, went to urologist next. He examined me and said i had a very slight prolapse at the urethral opening where the red was. he was about to blow me off and leave when i raised my voice in opposition. He told me it was normal and many womens urethral openings were like this. I told him otherwise.
He put me on a sulfate base medicine and gave me a cortesteroid cream to apply 2x daily + a follow up in two weeks. No blood test, nothing.
A week later and nothing has changed.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
One more thing, i can not have any type of sexual activity due to severe pain, been like that for over a year, the burning when washing started about Jan 16.

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Hello and welcome to EmpowHer,
You were right to raise your voice at the Urologist! Neither the Urologist nor the gynecologist have given you the information nor the help you absolutely need. What you are experiencing is not normal at all.
Your symptoms could be causes by either Urethral Syndrome and/or Urethritis.
Please read the articles below that give detailed information about each condition.
Urethral Syndrome: Symptoms and Treatment
Some Causes and Symptoms of Urethritis in Women

I highly suggest you see a female gynecologist as soon as possible and discuss both of these possible causes for your symptoms.


September 4, 2016 - 10:46pm
EmpowHER Guest
Anonymous (reply to fchacon)

Thank you Faith. I was treated for both plus a. Cystoscope.

My ur uerthralorifice is blocking my vaginal opening to point i have trouble inserting the syringe for premarine cream my pcp gave me to try. .

It is possible this involves a ectopic ureterocel. I see another uralogist latter in month who is also a reconstruction surgeon.
Will go over everything with her.
There is something else going on that i have not seen mentioned anywhere. Will continue my research on that.

October 7, 2016 - 6:27am
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