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Unsure what to do/think about HPV

By June 23, 2011 - 4:49pm
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About 9 months ago I had gotten a pap test and colposcopy done and was diagnosed with HPV. I did have some lesions and got them taken care of as soon as I could. The doctor said that there was some cell change but that it wasn't very much and that she wasn't too concerned so I just need to eat some greens (healthy diet) and I wouldn't need to come in for another test for about a year. Also around that time, I started dating someone new which is new for me because I had been single and waiting for someone for a long time. Of course nothing has really happened sexually with this new guy because I have been trying to hold off in hopes that it would go away because in some research I read that in most cases it will eventually go away. I also haven't "had the talk" with him about it either for that same reason and because (although I know I shouldn't be ashamed especially with the selective sexual history I've had) but I am scared of what he will think.

So, earlier this week I had scheduled to get a pap and hpv test today, (it was prime time because the new guy and I are going to have a romantic evening together this weekend) and had gotten called from the doctor's office right before I was about to head there because they said that I didn't need to come in until the 12 months was up. I explained that I was kind of wanting to know the status of it and she said well, I'll always have it even if it seems that it has cleared up. Yet I have talked to CDC and was told that it could clear up. I have researched only to come across conflicting answers. It upset me that they cancelled my appointment because I was hoping to find out the status of HPV in my body, partially to know how it all was coming along but also partially so that I could determine if I really need to say something to this new guy? I won't have sex with him without telling him first because that's just not fair and I couldn't do that. But I know that I probably can't go a whole lot longer without explaining why I've been making us wait. What am I supposed to believe about a status of the HPV and does anyone have any suggestions (if I need to) about how to tell this new guy? I am the type that has a hard time telling people things that I think they aren't going to be happy about so the thought of talking to him about it already makes my eyes almost start to water. Please help, and thank you so much in advance!!

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You are welcome and am glad that my response was helpful. Physical evidence, particularly genital warts, and abnormal cells noted on a Pap smear are the only way a physician knows if the person's immune system has not clear the virus. Unfortunately, the virus will always harbor in your body once you are infected and may be transmissible depending on the strength of your immune system and your partner's immune system. A good example is herpes simplex type 1, a virus that causes cold sores. Once it is in your body, it stays there, When your immune system is weakened by stress, you can get a cold sore.
I can suggest waiting for a time when you can approach the subject gently rather than confronting him. Calmly tell him that there is something very important that you need to share with him. First, affirm your affection for him, that you want to be honest and not bring harm to him in any way. Wishing you best success...I don't believe in luck!!

June 24, 2011 - 4:36pm

I can understand your confusion and hesitation to share your diagnosis of HPV with your new boyfriend. You said that you spoke with someone from the CDC. Did this individual have access to your Pap smear results?
According to the CDC website, in 90%of cases, the body’s immune system clears HPV naturally within two years. But sometimes, certain types o HPV can cause genital warts. In most cases, the body fights off HPV naturally and the infected cells then go back to normal. But in cases when the body does not fight off HPV, HPV can cause visible changes in the form of genital warts. You can pass the virus on to your partner. Using condoms will reduce the risk of transmitting the virus. There is no cure for the virus nor a test to check a person's overall HPV status. My only suggestion about telling your new boyfriend that you have HPV is this- if he has HPV wouldn't you want him to be truthful with you?

June 23, 2011 - 5:55pm
(reply to Maryann Gromisch RN)

Thank you for your response!!! Especially so quickly, wow! The CDC did not have access to my Pap smear results... I just called to ask some questions about HPV so we didn't go into that much depth. I actually didn't even know they could get access to it? That did actually clear up a big question I had, as far as there not being a test to check a person's overall HPV status. So then how do the doctors tell if the body fought off HPV naturally? Just by the cells going back to normal? Is there ever a time where a person who was diagnosed with it won't have to worry about transmitting the virus?

I definitely agree about wanting him to be truthful if he had HPV. And if it was something that I'm going to have for a long time, and especially since it can be transmitted, there was no doubt that I would tell him. Because there's no way I would be willing to give it to him especially without him knowing! Just nerves I guess... and trying to figure out what to say or how to start it.

Again, I really appreciate your response!! Thank you.

June 23, 2011 - 6:41pm
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