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what do i do me and my boyfriend kinda had sex this morning and im terrified

By Anonymous June 15, 2010 - 7:43pm
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okay so i am very young and me and my boyfriend were messing around and we thought we would see what it would feel like to penatrate so he went in and out like 5 times and it was unprotected so he pulled out and i lifted my thighs and he came 3 secs after near my butthole... so could i be pregnant? or wats the chances i could be.
please help me

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EmpowHER Guest

are you guys serious???/ your talking about getting an abortion before your sure she is pregnant?? what in the world. young lady i am sorry that you are scared, but in truth sex should wait until marriage. religiously or not. your parents will be mad but they wont stop loving you. dang our world has become so freaking perverted and screwed up.. this is crazy two grown women are giving a 14 year old a way to go and get rid of a possible child without her parents finding out. have some decency, tell her about the possible risks of having an abortion no matter how far along she is. no offense but this is really messed up. and not right at all.

September 23, 2010 - 7:33am
(reply to Anonymous)

I am not sure where you got the idea of "abortion" from? Under no circumstances has anyone mentioned the word abortion from the posts above!

I can only assume you are under the wrong impression that our suggestion to go to Planned Parenthood is "code" for abortion? Is that it? Please know that Planned Parenthood is a great resource for women of all ages, and situations, and they offer routine gynecological services including Pap smears, STI/STD testing, pregnancy testing, family planning services, condoms and educational materials related to sexual health and more.

Please do your research before jumping to conclusions, or act with curiosity and ask questions first!

September 23, 2010 - 11:56am

A pregnancy test would not be effective until you have missed your next expected period (at least a few weeks from now). You can buy one at any pharmacy, and as Diane said, you do not need to be a certain age in the U.S.

Your chance of pregnancy is not very high, but him ejaculating near your vagina is a little "too close for comfort" for me. If he did not ejaculate at all near your vagina, your chance of pregnancy would be very, very slight.

Is your cousin able to buy you emergency contraception, or can you call your local Planned Parenthood today? Please let us know what you decide to do.

June 17, 2010 - 1:34pm
EmpowHER Guest

oh thank you so much that last paragraph made me feel so much better. thank you for helping me out.(:

June 17, 2010 - 11:57am

You do not have to have an adult with you when you visit Planned Parenthood. To make sure, you can call the specific center ahead of time. And there's not an age limit for buying a pregnancy test, at least in the United States. That's where you are, right?

But please try not to worry quite so much. From what you wrote, I think the chance that you are pregnant is very low.

June 17, 2010 - 9:30am

Yes, anytime you have unprotected sex, there is a chance of pregnancy. What you two did is called using the "withdrawal method" of birth control, where the man "withdraws" or pulls out his penis before ejaculating. This method is only up to 70% effective at preventing pregnancy when used intentionally as a birth control, and correctly.

If he ejaculated that close to your vagina, there is also a chance of pregnancy (beyond the chance of him penetrating you without a condom...as that is having unprotected sex no matter how long it lasted, and is a risk in itself of pregnancy).

How old are you? If you are 16 (possibly 15), you can get emergency contraception without a prescription from the pharmacy, if it has been within 120 hours of unprotected sex.

Let us know if you need any more help!

June 15, 2010 - 8:27pm
EmpowHER Guest
Anonymous (reply to Alison Beaver)

i am actually 14 and i dont know what to do. i dont want to tell my parents. i really do need help it happened this morning. so is there any way i could take care of this situation with out letting my parents know?

June 15, 2010 - 8:40pm
(reply to Anonymous)

Hi, Anon,

Do you have a friend who is 16 or 17 who could go with you to the pharmacy and buy the Plan B for you?

Do you have a way to get somewhere (like a Planned Parenthood Clinic) without your parents knowing? You can go here and put in your zip code and find if there is one close to you:


June 16, 2010 - 10:22am
EmpowHER Guest
Anonymous (reply to Diane Porter)

i have a cousin who is 16 and dont you have rp have an adult with you to go to planned parenthood and how old do you hve to be to get a pregnacy test because i dont know if i am for sure yet

June 16, 2010 - 7:27pm
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