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EmpowHER Guest can one with sickle cell disease live a normal life?
View Comments Susan Cody commented 4 years ago.
View Comments Susan Cody commented 5 years ago.
View Comments Helena commented 6 years ago.
EmpowHER Guest What should I do?
View Comments Anonymous commented 8 years ago.
EmpowHER Guest sickle cell trait
EmpowHER Guest how many types of sickel cell occupid ?
View Comments Anonymous commented 9 years ago.
EmpowHER Guest how long do people w/ sickle cell anemia usually live?
View Comments Rosa Cabrera RN commented 11 years ago.
View Comments Anonymous commented 10 years ago.
echanel what could this be
View Comments echanel commented 13 years ago.
kinnis Who gets the sickle cell disease?
View Comments kinnis commented 13 years ago.

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