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About EmpowHER

Michelle King Robson

Founder of HER Inc. (EmpowHER and SkinSAFE)

Michelle King Robson (pronounced ROBE-SON) is the founder of HER Inc., a data-driven consumer health technology company making health and wellness better for HER. Our mobile and web platforms, EmpowHER and SkinSAFE, help women understand their health and wellness and improve their health choices.

It all began with Michelle’s own struggle to find credible women’s health information or to connect with someone going through a similar health issue. Michelle’s health journey lead her to create EmpowHER based on her own need and the need for women to have access to leading health resources and support.

In EmpowHER, Michelle has built a company that inspires and empowers women to live healthy and happy lives by connecting them with a community of experts, doctors and people like them who provide reliable health and wellness information, inspiring stories and answers to real health questions with a 24-hour promised response time.

Michelle expanded HER Inc. with the creation of SkinSAFE, developed in partnership with Mayo Clinic. SkinSAFE is an ingredient-based recommendation engine that gives everyone the knowledge and power to personalize the way they purchase beauty, skincare and household products that are safe for their skin.

Michelle has become a nationally-recognized women's health and wellness advocate and spends her time speaking before women's groups, health care organizations, political leaders, regulatory bodies and the media about women's health and the importance of women advocating for themselves and their loved ones.

Highlighted Media & Events

  • Helped develop and currently co-hosts HER Radio, an online radio show airing on RadioMD.com every Thursday at 2pm ET
  • Panelist at the 2014 S.H.E. Summit during the session "Women In Business: How to Go From Start to Scale"
  • The Skinless Project's Inspirational Woman of July 2014
  • Keynote speaker at the 2014 California Women's Conference on May 20th with other powerful women CEOs including Arianna Huffington (Huffington Post), Michelle Patterson (Women Network), Elisa Page (BlogHer), Amanda Steinberg (DailyWorth) and moderated by Jane Pauley
  • Interview with Deepak Chopra for his new series One World on NEWSWIREFM.COM
  • Spokesperson for multiple TV and radio satellite media tours
  • Spurred community outcry and ground-breaking FDA reversal, finally approving non-hormonal menopause treatments
  • TEDxLowerEastSide Speaker
  • Ohio State University Building Healthy Academic Communities National Summit Highlighted Speaker
  • My Menopause Magazine cover and feature
  • Participated in Mayo Clinic's national ad campaign
  • Fox News TV Show 'Health Talk’ segments
  • Emmy Award-winning TV Show “The Doctors”
  • Sirius XM Radio Show “Broadminded”

Michelle served as an Advisory Council member for the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona for five years. She currently serves on the California Women's Conference Advisory Board and is also finishing writing a book around her experience and passion for helping women improve and change their lives.

Michelle has received numerous awards and citations, including the 2015 Global Connections for Women Foundation's Distinguished Global Woman Champion, 2014 Arizona Foundation for Women's Marilyn R. Seymann Award, 2013 Ellis Island Medal of Honor, being named one of Arizona Business Magazine’s 50 Most Influential Women in 2012, "Chairman of the Year" from the American Business Awards and named one of the top ten "Most Fearless Women Online and in Social Media."

Michelle continues to fulfill her mission every day to ensure everyone has options and choices around their health. She believes we all deserve answers, validation & support around our health and by bringing trusted resources and women together, we can make a difference in the health and lives of all.

For booking and availability please contact [email protected].

Why HER?

At HER, we believe women experience disease and respond to treatment differently than men. We want to create a world where sex and gender matter when it comes to your health and wellness.

Our mission is to make health and wellness better for HER. 

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