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Michelle's Story

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I Got Sick

At 42, I was told I needed a complete hysterectomy, which I got without question. Soon afterwards, my health tanked. I became a different person. I didn’t like myself. I had no energy. After a year that included 12 different doctors and nine different medications, I wasn’t getting any better. I was seriously depressed and even contemplated taking my own life.

I Sought Help

Then a good friend sent me a book entitled “Screaming to be Heard,” by Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet. It was about how women suffer silently, how we hide our pain and let it fester inside us. Luckily, she lived near me and I was able to meet with her. She immediately started weaning me off of my medications and put me on Estrogel and Magnesium, and after just a few days I started feeling better.

I Got Well, and Then... I Got Mad

But as I started to get better, I started to get angry. I thought if this happened to me, what is happening to women all over the world? At that moment, I decided I would dedicate my life to making sure no other woman would suffer as I had. That is how EmpowHER was born. It is the resource I wish I had when I was sick. I feel blessed that it has already helped millions of women all over the world learn to advocate for their own health, and to support each other.

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