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6 Ways to Help Loved Ones Suffering From Depression in Light of Robin Williams' Death

By EmpowHER
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six ways to help depression

Actor and comedian Robin Williams died from what Marin County Sheriff's Office is ruling an apparent suicide by asphyxiation. Williams, 63, was found unresponsive Monday morning around noon and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Williams had recently been battling severe depression, his publicist said in a statement. The comedian had also been very open about his struggles with alcohol and cocaine addiction over the years. 

Do you have a friend or family member suffering from depression? Here are some tips to help them cope with the condition.

1. Exercise can help with depression
 take a walk to help with depression

Several reports indicate that simple walking may help fight the symptoms of depression. According to the researchers, one does not have to run a marathon, but a brisk stroll is just as effective. 

The great thing about exercise is that it can be done by everyone and incurs no financial cost. It is relatively easy to incorporate exercise into a daily routine for a boost of endorphins.

Researchers suggest that people should first determine what type of outdoor activity they like and adopt a regular exercise program. While walking is the easiest, others recommend activities include gardening, cycling or even swimming.

To further enhance the benefits of exercise, people are encouraged to exercise with others as this tends to strengthen social networks and provides an opportunity to talk or discuss other issues.

Find more information on how exercise can help with depression.

2. Music can improve your mood
listen to music to help depression 

It is widely acknowledged that music can have a profound effect on people’s moods, although science is still trying to figure out why.

for depression, music can be used as a light to help ease things. Certain words or melodies can bring back pleasant memories and sufferers can capitalize on those types of songs. At the same time, a person can also recognize when to avoid certain songs or types of music that might deepen their feelings of sadness.

Approximately 121 million people suffer from depression world-wide. Music is readily available in a variety of forms and methods. While it cannot be deemed a cure, it’s seemingly natural effect on a person’s mind can be used to help things seem a little more okay and induce hope when all other methods fail.

Find more information on how music can help with depression.

3. Beat depression by getting a routine
have a routine in place to help depression

Depression can take structure away from life. Days can turn into weeks, and weeks can turn into months. Slowly routines fade away. Setting a routine in place can help get back to normal. 

Start with the simple tasks. It can be as simple as getting out of bed and having breakfast. Each day, add a task or two to the list. 

4. Do something new to help battle depression 
try something new to help with depression

When depression hits, it’s good to think outside of the box when looking for help. For some, this means trying something different. Try volunteering, picking up a new book, starting a new hobby or joining a community program. Not only can this be fun, it also opens up the possibilities of meeting new people. 

5. Learn what you can about depression
learn what you can about depression to help it 

To help fight depression, learn about it. The more you know, the better your ability to help set yourself (or a loved one) on the right path to wellness. Start by reading questions and articles related to depression in our community.

Find more information and support in our community about depression.

6. Discuss depression treatment options with your doctor
discuss treatment options for depression with your doctor

Some have reported great improvement with medication to treat their depression. However, these medications also come with a long list of side effects (including suicidal thoughts). Be aware that many medications can help relieve some depression symptoms, but are not always ideal for long-term use. It is best to discuss options with your doctor and reach out often for reevaluation of these treatment options as depression symptoms can change.

How do you cope with depression? Let us know in the comments below. 

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EmpowHER Guest

Very sad!! Robin Williams made us all laugh and cry ... but it sounds like inside he was silently suffering which so many people do because mental health has never had the attention other conditions and diseases have had. I know - I suffered suicidal thoughts after having a complete hysterectomy.
The fifth cause of death for men is suicide (and I believe women are not far behind ). Why is this happening? Someone gets cancer and people are all over it. Someone suffers from depression and they're just supposed to stop being depressed.
There are imbalances occurring in the brain. The brain is an organ just like the heart and lungs but yet there's no stigma around heart disease or chronic diseases of the lungs.
The only way this is going to change is if we as a society start to focus on all areas of health including mental. There should be no suffering ever from people who are diagnosed from heart disease to severe depression. No stigma around mental health. How many people do we need to lose before we change our thinking on this?
I will miss Robin Williams. He made me laugh and seemed to have such a light hearted way about him. His memory will Iive on through his children , movies as well as his comedic routines. He was one of a kind! He will be missed by many. My thots and prayers are with his family and friends he has left behind . May he finally rest in peace. I'm now going to watch my all time favorite movie of Robin's in his honor... Mrs. Doubtfire. I will laugh and I will cry and I will never forget the happiness he brought into my life! Blessings Robin!
- Michelle King Robson

August 12, 2014 - 2:22am
EmpowHER Guest

So sad!!! He offered so much inspiration and laughter to millions. It's a tragedy that he couldn't possess the same happiness which he instilled upon so many others during his life. His family is in my thoughts and prayers!

This topic is so important to address, depression is serious and many are silent suffers, much like Robin I'm sure. Very tragic. We must bring awareness around this issue and start the conversation. RIP Robin, you will be so greatly missed.

August 11, 2014 - 9:05pm
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