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Toni Shares How Exercise Has Improved Her Diabetic Life (VIDEO)

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Toni Shares How Exercise Has Improved Her Diabetic Life (VIDEO)
Toni Shares How Exercise Has Improved Her Diabetic Life (VIDEO)
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Toni shares how exercise has helped improve her life and living with Type 2 diabetes.

Exercise, now what I do is three days a week, I am on an exercise program where I go in, it’s called the strength training program. I also have a lower back problem. I have arthritis in my knees. So, my doctor has put me on a strength-training program which has really improved my whole body system. I go in and for 45 minutes to an hour I am doing different kinds of upper and lower body and then I usually ride, I end my exercise program with riding the bike, I don’t know I would say for anywhere from 15-20 minutes, a 20-minute ride and I usually try to have a heart rate about 98 or 110. Keeping my blood sugars down, it has done a lot for my levels when I go in and get my A1C test because my doctor says, “What are you doing?” “I am doing what you tell me. I am exercising”.

The other two days of the three days of the week I am a house putterer. I am out in the yard, I am in the garage, I decorate my house a lot for holidays so I am always out there in containers trying to weed them down, climbing up on the ladder back and down and forth, and so working in the yard, working in the garden on my days, on Tuesdays and Thursdays and maybe Saturdays, it depends on the weather, how hot it is.

But, I try and keep busy enough to where, my body and everything usually stays in pretty good shape. In fact, I just went through a little epiphany and lost 15 pounds and it’s like I don’t know what to do with myself because it feels great, having lost 15 pounds but, I guess I just reached a plato from October of last year up through July of this year.

And all of a sudden, that was gone and I was like, “I was a happy camper.” Exercise, well I just find a lot of things that you do can be exercise. If you keep your body in movement, if you’re doing things, it doesn’t have to be working out in the garden. I just find that if you’re just busy, I am a putterer so I am always doing something but, in addition to being able to do the strength training and doing that three days a week, it really makes a big difference in how my body is responding and I’m like, great.

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