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Toni Shares If There Are Foods She Loves But Cannot Eat Because of Diabetes (VIDEO)

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Toni Shares If There Are Foods She Loves But Cannot Eat Because of Diabetes (VIDEO)
Toni Shares If There Are Foods She Loves But Cannot Eat Because of Diabetes ...
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Toni shares if there are foods she loves to eat, but cannot because of diabetes, and how she keeps her diet under control.

The foods that I find that I love the most, I’m not a big sweet person but there are certain sweets like black walnut ice-cream, my absolute favorite, but I have learned that I can eat black walnut ice-cream. When I take out the ice-cream scoop I get eight scoops of black walnut ice cream with a dash of Coke, one must have a Coke there.

Eating just a scoop, it satisfies the taste that I love, black walnut. Now I eat that maybe I would say in a week’s per to time by buying a pint, it will take me the whole seven days because I might do that maybe every other day, I’ll have it so it doesn’t go bad or whatever.

The other kind of food that I really love and that I don’t get a chance to eat the way I do is again, a sweet, which is home made, pound-cake. I love that. We have learned to make pound-cake slices, put it in the freezer and once in a while it’s available to have. I have it. They’re not the foods that I enjoy, that I haven’t been able to eat. They really don’t exist because I have learned that it’s not what you eat, it’s how much of what it is that you eat.

And so I am learning really, this year has been a really good year for me. I have learned that I can eat anything that I want and keep telling me that but it is the quantity of what you eat and so, I can eat a small amount just about of anything and I am a happy camper.

Trying to eat the best food for you though especially when you’re eating things like pasta and vegetables, I mean I can sit down and eat a bowl of pasta I mean and just knock myself crazy but I don’t do that anymore. I have a serving of pasta that gets me right up to where I could eat a little more. I know I have had more than enough because when you’re ready to eat a little more that means you’re going to be stuffed and that means you’ve also eaten too much and I am getting very good at learning not to do that.

I mean moderation is the word that’s got me through this year. Again, I have my blood sugars running in the morning, it’s usually like about between 107 and 115, a doctor says that’s excellent.

My afternoons are usually about 120, between 120 and 140 and my evening time, that’s my low time. My evening, because I eat dinner like about 6:30 and so there’s a longer period between eating my afternoon snack and having dinner and so usually my blood sugar is usually down to about 90, somewhere between 80, I would say 80 and 120 is a better way to put it.

But, I know that that’s where it’s basically going to be and what I need to eat rather than overeating. Again, I try to eat with moderation because I know I am going to have a snack and the best snacks, or usually I might have again, food is my best snack. Food does the most because if I think about sweets all night long.

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