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Trigylcerides, What Are These? - Dr. Hilkovitz (VIDEO)

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Trigylcerides, What Are These? - Dr. Hilkovitz (VIDEO)
Trigylcerides, What Are These? - Dr. Hilkovitz (VIDEO)
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Dr. Hilkovitz explains what triglycerides are.

Dr. Hilkovitz:
Triglycerides are produced from the fat that we eat in the intestine. The fat is broken down into triglycerides and that is absorbed into the blood stream and these triglycerides go to the liver where they are processed and converted into cholesterol. It is part of the cholesterol molecule or the so-called lipoprotein molecule.

A lipoprotein molecule consists of an outer coat of protein and an inner core composed of cholesterol and triglyceride, and the early forms like the very low-density lipoprotein has much more triglyceride than cholesterol. So it’s the type of lipoprotein leaving the liver with a high load of triglyceride.

About Dr. Hilkovitz, M.D., B.Ch.:
Dr. Gabriel Hilkovitz has been in private practice for 51 years working in internal medicine, primary care, with an emphasis in diabetes and works in connection with the Arizona Heart Institute. He is a former Professor of Medicine at the Medical College of Virginia. Dr. Hilkovitz was born and educated in South Africa and also engaged in academia in London, England and the United States.

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