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Eczema: How Is This Skin Condition Treated? - Dr. Heck

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Dr. Heck describes eczema, a chronic skin condition, and the most common treatment options

Dr. Heck:
Eczema is described as the itch that rashes. It is a hereditary condition that can be influenced by the environment. It’s frequently seen in the younger individuals often outgrown. It’s red, itchy, irritated skin.

Eczema is treated in many different ways. The staple of eczema treatment is minimizing hot water exposure, choice of suitable moisturizers and soaps. So non-soap cleansers, soaps cut with moisturizers are very important, and moisturizing the skin liberally with a nice, thick fragrance-free cream after water exposure like baths or showers is very important. That’s the mainstay.

For flares we often choose topical steroids. The strength of the topical steroid depends on how bad the eczema is and the location of the body where the eczema is. The long-term risk factors of eczema untreated through chronic scratching and rubbing of the skin, open wounds form and can lead to infections.

About Dr. Shannon Heck, M.D.:
Shannon Heck, M.D., F.A.A.D., is a board certified dermatologist and a partner in a large, thriving dermatologic practice in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona. She specializes in general and cosmetic dermatology.



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