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What Herbs Or Supplements Help Severe Endometriosis? - Dr. Hudson (VIDEO)

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Dr. Hudson introduces herself and shares what herbs or supplements can help severe endometriosis.

Dr. Hudson:
Hi, my name is Dr. Tori Hudson. I am a licensed naturopathic physician in Portland, Oregon. I have been practicing for 24 years and I have a clinic called A Women’s Time which is Portland, Oregon. We specialize in women’s health of all ages and all kinds of health conditions and I am a professor teaching at Bastyr University in Seattle and formerly teaching at National College of Natural Medicine in Portland but I still do some guest lecturing there as well and I am the author of the book, the “Women’s Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine.”

Severe endometriosis can be a really problematic condition, even a progressive condition in the pelvis and associated with often lots of pain, pelvic pain during menses as well as other times and infertility, those are common presentations. We don’t really know the single cause of endometriosis so we look at multiple causes and there’s multiple theories and the one that’s kind of the most compelling more recently is that there’s an immune dysfunction.

So what natural medicine does is actually focus on the alterations in the immune system to try to bring those into balance, restore those, improve how the body responds to these, this tissue in an abnormal location and helps the body to clear that tissue.

But there’s, we use antioxidants like vitamin E and C and glutathione and A and carotenes and these reduce the oxidated damage that’s produced by the fluid in the pelvis, so we can have those antioxidant effect, that helps clear the regions. We use natural anti-inflammatories like circumen and bromelain and fish oils to reduce inflammatory chemicals that the endometriosis secretes.

And then we use just sort of straight pain management botanicals, an herb called cramp bark and valerian, ginger, these things reduce pain kind of on the spot and there’s other herbs that are little bit more, maybe unfamiliar to people, boswillia reduces some of the inflammatory cascade, resveratrol which is found in the skin of the red grape, inhibits the estrogenic stimulation of the endometriosis, but it tends to be a very complex plan that sometimes also can includes the natural progesterone to try to dampen the estrogenic stimulation of the endometriosis.

And then even a little bit more complex is looking at underlying environmental influences; things in our environment, chemicals, pesticides, solvents that are causing this immune disruption and this hormone disruption and naturopathic physicians can help test for that as well as design a very specific individualized treatment program for the detoxification from the environmental exposures.

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