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The Hunger Fix - HER Health Expert - Dr Pam Peeke

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Dr. Pam Peeke discusses food addiction and her new book "The Hunger Fix" and how it can help women win the battle against food addiction. Click the video below to learn more!

Is Food Addiction real? Can you really get hooked on stuff so much that you feel out of control, you pack on the pounds, and you feel like helpless, hopeless, and defeated?

Well, I am Dr. Pamela Peeke, I am a physician and a scientist and I am here to tell you food addiction is indeed real and I have written a new book called “The Hunger Fix”. This is a three-stage detox recovery program for overeating and food addiction. It is the very first consumer book about this.

Well as a physician and as a scientist I am thrilled to tell you that there is ground breaking new science, revolutionary for that matter. That now proves that when you take one of these big guys and you have it, not everybody, but most of us, then suddenly something goes on in the brain.

This is what we call hyper-palatable food. It’s got a lot of fat, a lot of sugar, and boy it sets off the reward system in the brain just like drugs, alcohol, smoking, all the other addictions you and I know about.

Does this affect every body? No, but most of us, and you know it. What’s going on here? As it turns out there are certain foods that just simply overload the reward system and suddenly your poor apple here, not looking so rewarding and you are heading for what we call hyper-palatable, sugary, starchy, fatty, salty foods.

Now the good news is you can reclaim your reward system absolutely and how do you do it? In three stages mind, mouth, and muscle, as you detox and as you recover. That is absolutely correct. That is what you have to do now. This is a game changer. The good news is you can actually turn this around and how do you do this? By affecting your very genes with every thought, everything you eat, every single step you take. You make your brain, the prefrontal cortex of the brain, which is somewhat we call the executive function area of the brain. It allows you rein in those impulses. The more you beef that up, strengthen it through what? Meditation, through the appropriate foods that change the very gene expression in your DNA, and by specific physical activities that we are going to tell you about and foods that are so tasty they will just do battle with the other stuff and you win.

That’s why in the Hunger Fix we are going to present you with nothing but hope. You can definitely overcome food addiction. You can do this for the rest of your life.

How do I know? My patients can tell you so and you will be hearing more of those voices again and again as we launch this ground breaking work.

Food addiction is real and so is the solution. I am Dr. Pamela Peeke, the author of “The Hunger Fix”.

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Food Addiction

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