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Muscle - Dr. Pamela Peeke's Three M's To A Healthier Body After Menopause - Part 3

By Expert HERWriter
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Dr. Pamela Peeke, nationally recognized expert in fitness and nutrition shares the third of her "Three M's" - Muscle - and how if you follow them you too can have a healthier body after menopause.

Dr. Pap Peeke: Now look honey, perimenopause and menopause is challenging enough. What we do not want to do is really have to stress over what is going on with our body shape, which is really distressing for a lot of women where someway they cannot fit in anything and they do not feel right and you got the belly thing may be for the first time in your life, easy solutions. The first solution is you have absolutely got to remember my little three M’s, they are my template and they on all my books, mind, mouth and muscle. I like a literation because it makes it memorable.

Let’s go to muscle and what about muscle. Move if you feel little poorly you know, you are having tough times when these perimenopausal issues, medicate with movement. There is nothing in the world better than that. Get up and move regularly. Noticed I said move and say you the E word exercise, see most break out and hides around and do not want to listen to me anymore. Actually these activities of daily living and have fun when you doing it.

Put on that zumba DVD and dance around you know the living room and have a good time. Get on up and just try to do things that give you hack a lot more joy and adventure to your life. How about that hiking? How about joining friends for you know a wonderful walk, or run or a bike or a swim or row, anything you want to do. Just move and do it on a daily basis.

I did not say you live in a gym. Did I ever say the word gym? You did not hear that from me. If you want to not yourself up you know the last time I look most people could turn their own environments and require a little gym so, called the neighbourhood, a park, now just get on out you know and do it with your family. It is viral, got to infect other people with that too.

Now what is good about moving in terms of your body? What do you think? You are going to able to bring down your body fat percentage very nicely, you are going to keep your body nice and strong, so you are going to be able to augment and support your muscle mass and your bone mass.

Now, I said cardio moving and that is important. It is one of the things you need to do and it is so important. In all my work I really stressed strength training. As you get older, the Cooper Institute and other research institutions have made it very clear that staying strong is imperative to staying independent so, that you know if you fall right now and you are all by your lonesome and you are 45, 50 years old, you do not have a front-end loader to help pick you up. Who is picking you up? You are.

Now the last time I look, if you want to give it world go ahead drop to the floor carefully. Now how we get up, kind a looks like a push-up to me, right? Again it is come down and you want to push yourself up, do you have the upper body strength to do that? What if someone else life dependent upon that. When I wrote my book “Fit to Live” that is what the whole premise was. Are you fit enough to literally survive 21st century living, you know. Can you get that baggage up, you know when you on the place or have to ask certified people they help you, what is going on, it is a question you ask yourself. Most importantly, as you get older the body was build for obsolesce after the age of 50 so you have to really put in some extra work now to be able to maintain the strength and fitness mentally and physically, that you need to be able to maintain your optimal survival.

Now the good news is all of these things I am telling you mind, mouth and muscle all help you optimize your body composition, bring down your body fat percentage, supporting excellent muscle and bone and at the same time giving you the freedom to be able to get out there and do what you need to do, to have fun, to perform professionally whatever you do in your work. To be able to optimize all of the dreams that you have professionally and personally because you are mentally and physically fit enough to do it and at the end of the day, you can zip up those jeans too finally.

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what he fuck ever... Most useless advice ever published, please get a clue

August 15, 2012 - 8:46pm
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