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What Happens to Your Body After a Breakup?

By August 6, 2019 - 7:03am

Breaking up with a loved one is always painful. Even if the breakup was calm, your body will react negatively to it. To cope with the consequences of a breakup, you need to know what may happen to you and your body. Let’s review the common problems caused by a painful breakup.

1. Heart Rate Decreases
Your body reacts to a breakup in a special way. According to studies, in many people the heart rate decreases. This symptom is common among those who go through a situation of social rejection, including breaking up with a loved one.

2. Immune System, Sleep and Appetite Deteriorate
After the shock has passed, you will feel emotional stress. Such stress loads the sympathetic nervous system which leads to an increase in cortisol levels and provokes inflammation. Sleep, digestion and immune system will also suffer. The probability of losing appetite, getting a cold or insomnia is very high.

In rare cases, the breakup can really break your heart. Have you ever heard of broken heart syndrome? This is a sudden decrease in myocardial contractility, which is caused by severe emotional stress. And if breaking up with your loved one caused a severe shock, then this syndrome may also affect you.

3. You’ll Experience Pains
A person often feels physical pain, especially chest pain, after a breakup. This is due to the fact that the areas of the brain which are responsible for pain signals perceive social rejection or breakup as physical pain.

4. It Is More Difficult to Think Clearly
Your thoughts will be confused. You can easily forget what day it is, and be more impulsive than usual. Critical thinking and self-control won’t work. You will have to take particular care of yourself because breakup will change your habitual behavior.

5. You’ll Feel like an Addict
You will often look at his or her homepage and look at your old photos. This behavior is explained by the fact that some areas of your brain seem to receive a dose of the drug when you see an object of love. But this is good because the brain is trying to help you. Sooner or later you will have hope for a good future and you will stop looking at old photos.

6. You’ll Experience the Feeling of Loneliness
After some time, you will experience a feeling of loneliness because the level of progesterone will increase. According to scientists, this phenomenon is normal because this feeling makes us move on and communicate with friends and relatives.

7. You’ll Have Hair Loss
Another symptom may appear after a few months. Stress which you had all this time will negatively affect your hair. Your hair may start falling out and this is normal. You shouldn’t worry, the hair will grow back and become thick and lush.

You already know how your body will respond to a breakup, and you can help yourself recover from this stress. You can start doing sports as they will positively affect your body and improve your mood. Sports also helps the body produce joy hormones and activate brain function.

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