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How does one cope with Anger

By April 18, 2011 - 12:41pm

I have been around alot of angery people and most of all grew up in a disfunctional family.I myself have anger issues. I think it is because I been through it all,fighting,arguing,yelling and physical domestic violence when I was younger.I would like to not have these feelings because I end up swearing out in public and I end up so upset at myself. What can I do to stop this anger.

By September 2, 2011 - 12:00pm

This is such a great question!

I feel anger and it usually is tied into feeling of feeling trapped, stuck, frustrated, taken advantage of or abused in some way shape or form. It is usually when I "feel" like a victim. Life is not fair, at all. It is what it is and it is what I do with it that makes me an angry or a happy person.

I have so many stresses like everyone else on the planet. I have to focus on what I can control. and what I can't I have to see it for what it is and do the best I can. I am losing my house of 15+ years because of a flood and I can not afford the repairs, in addition I have family members and myself going through serious health issues.

I was so angry over these injustices, but I was just making myself sicker, more depressed and fatter!

I decided the house was just a house. Someday, I can get another. I can not cure my family members, but I can show then love and caring. I CAN take better care of my health and feel proud of myself every time I do something that makes me feel healthier.

I still have anxiety attacks, but now I go to my computer or read a positive book, meditate or do something that get's me back to being centered. I have not mastered it, but I am at least moving in a healthier direction.

I also can CHOSE who I spend time with and around. I had to stop talking to my Aunt who always put me down. I now spend time at the nutrition store discussing the best ways to eat with people who have healthy attitudes.

Anyway, just some of what I have been doing and I would love to hear how others tackle this challenge as well.

September 2, 2011 - 12:00pm

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