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Celebrate Your Freedom

By July 6, 2011 - 5:25pm

“The secret of happiness is freedom. The secret of freedom is courage.”

As our Independence day just passed, continue to remember your personal independence. Which also means opportunity… to choose growth, awareness, our own path.

I know I am on my right path, following my purpose, when I sleep well at night, jump joyously into the work of the day, and am living fully aligned with my values. Anxiety drops away and I feel a lightness of being. Love for my family and the world expands. So does my optimism and hope, as well as my capacity to serve others, and even to have fun.

I have great gratitude for the privilege of pursuing such personal freedom. I know it came with a price paid by those who came before me. That’s why I cherish it and do not squander it or take it for granted, but try to use it to serve others and make a difference. I hold it; I am accountable for what I do with it. I feed it regularly by connecting to the rain, wind, fire and earth. I use it to take a stand in my life. My freedom and personal power feed my purpose which is nurturing others to use their own power as a positive influence in their world.

Freedom creates opportunity and choice. On this Independence day I invite you to consider how you will choose to use your choices around self-empowerment and freedom.

In the pursuit of your happiness and freedom, please make time to practice the following:

•Notice and explore your natural surroundings.
•Be still and listen to the trees, birds, wind, and give gratitude.
•Share smiles and happiness with friends and family.
•Acknowledge your resiliency.
•Embrace your many freedoms.

By July 7, 2011 - 2:24pm

i believe "gratitude" is a huge part in how my life goes so-to-speak because when i acknowledge all and what i'm grateful for it gets me out of my head and into my heart and then... what reflects back to me is more gratitude... it also helps me just stop and enjoy the present moment of "loving what is" right now... i also often do this with just mindfully observing the simple in and out of my breath... i also find that when i mindfully drum within sacred space it also places me within that space as well.. both very powerful practices of being here right now... wow!

blessings with mucho light... weaver (((o)))

July 7, 2011 - 2:24pm
By July 7, 2011 - 12:25pm

wonderful Susie - as always.
I'd add: along with Freedom and Choice resides Responsibility and Self-Discipline. Freedom is not 'free' because it requires that we each, and then in community, accept the consequences of our actions and/or in-actions, as the case maybe. So, I embrace freedom and I practice responsible thought and action.
Then indeed I am truly free within my own empowerment.

July 7, 2011 - 12:25pm

Group Leader

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Who we are and how we Be in the world, has a direct impact on how we handle our health and wellness issues. Any real experience of our health encompasses the trilogy - the physical aspects, how we think about it, and that intangible 'other' that gives us grace and gets us through. This applies to mental and physical health equally. if we can cultivate our spiritual aspect of the triad, it will be there when we most need it, as we face our own aging and illness as well as when assisting others. This group is here to share resources and avenues to connecting the three, most particularly to embracing and articulating our personal appreciation of Spirit. This group does not advocate for any particular brand of spiritual practice or religion. Simply by sharing your stories, pointing us toward books, articles, poems, art, workshops, or other expressions of Spirit and health you will contribute to each individual's personal journey.


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