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Raging Rivers

By May 28, 2011 - 4:51pm

As the spring sun hits the high Rockies, snow begins to drip down the mountainsides, growing into trickles and then into rushing torrents by the time streams reach the swollen, thrashing rivers on the valley floor. It is heart-pounding to stand at the edge of the mighty Colorado River during this time of year. Rushing waters scour the riverbeds – nature’s spring cleaning – and move giant boulders downriver. Sometimes you can even hear the muffled thunk and crash of nature rearranging her river furniture.

I’m not entirely sure how the fish survive this dramatic onslaught of spring whitewater but they do. Just as we survive the sometimes unimaginable emotional turbulence of our lives – the death of a family member, the emotional roller coaster of living with addiction or abuse, financial hardship or ruin, living with war or political chaos, famine or drought.

There are other, less intense dramas that we also experience every day. Our car is hit in a parking lot; our teenager stays out past curfew without calling; we fight with our partner about something silly; our boss blames us unfairly at work; we miss a deadline. Unlike the poor trout caught in a river torrent, we can choose how we respond to the drama in our life. We can step out of it and take a wider perspective. If we view it in the context of an archetypal or mythical story of human existence, we can begin to see past our personal emotions and no longer be held in drama’s constrictive grip. Disengaging emotionally and widening our perspective can release us from turbulent passions and quiet our judgmental voice. We may not have the power to control what happens in our lives but we certainly can control our response to it. What freedom and empowerment come with this tool of emotional discernment!

Lila Tresemer will explore her concentric circle model of emotional discernment during the Women’s Inner Wisdom portion of Women’s Empowerment Workshop. This tool is one that you’ll use every day of your life!

By June 1, 2011 - 11:15am

this is lovely Susie and makes me want to come to your mountainous nature place. However I am here in beautiful AZ and enjoy the desert!

Absolutely,one of the most powerful things we can give ourselves is the ability/capacity to Choose - to respond not react. To do that we need to be in a place of nonattachment - to outcome, opinion, to winning or protecting ourselves. It is about being in the present - not the past or the future.

how about posting a reminder/link to the September series of workshops? be nice to have that in front of us again.

June 1, 2011 - 11:15am

Group Leader

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Who we are and how we Be in the world, has a direct impact on how we handle our health and wellness issues. Any real experience of our health encompasses the trilogy - the physical aspects, how we think about it, and that intangible 'other' that gives us grace and gets us through. This applies to mental and physical health equally. if we can cultivate our spiritual aspect of the triad, it will be there when we most need it, as we face our own aging and illness as well as when assisting others. This group is here to share resources and avenues to connecting the three, most particularly to embracing and articulating our personal appreciation of Spirit. This group does not advocate for any particular brand of spiritual practice or religion. Simply by sharing your stories, pointing us toward books, articles, poems, art, workshops, or other expressions of Spirit and health you will contribute to each individual's personal journey.


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