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The WE Conference women's empowerment symposium

By July 25, 2011 - 12:29am

Developing a supportive community is such an important step for women's empowerment. Often, we suffer alone, in silence, fearful that our friends, neighbors, even family members will judge us for needing support. That web of silence that we weave around ourselves can be deadly. The WE Conference is an organization created by women for women, to gather women together to inspire, educate and empower them to fulfill their greatest potential. Our inaugural one-day symposium will be held in Irvine, CA on Sat 10/1/11. The event features amazing speakers, talented performers, a delicious luncheon and unique vendor booths. Topics include health, wellness and inspiration. You'll walk away with tools, resources and relationships to help you step into a place of personal empowerment. www.theWEconference.com

By July 25, 2011 - 2:17pm

Thanks for posting this Kaci! It looks like a great inaugural event. Best of luck with it.

July 25, 2011 - 2:17pm

Group Leader

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Who we are and how we Be in the world, has a direct impact on how we handle our health and wellness issues. Any real experience of our health encompasses the trilogy - the physical aspects, how we think about it, and that intangible 'other' that gives us grace and gets us through. This applies to mental and physical health equally. if we can cultivate our spiritual aspect of the triad, it will be there when we most need it, as we face our own aging and illness as well as when assisting others. This group is here to share resources and avenues to connecting the three, most particularly to embracing and articulating our personal appreciation of Spirit. This group does not advocate for any particular brand of spiritual practice or religion. Simply by sharing your stories, pointing us toward books, articles, poems, art, workshops, or other expressions of Spirit and health you will contribute to each individual's personal journey.


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