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Alone during Holidays etc

By December 24, 2012 - 12:49am

I noticed a lot more depressing threads in groups this holiday season. One, was person who said they were going to commit suicide that night. What are we suppose to do with that kind of post?
Yes on that site suicide lines for people to call which i directed the person to please call one.
But this person even had plan and seemed determine to do it.
IF there is no email ...what else can we do? Just give them the information on the site and hope for the best? I really love to hear how others would handle this type of situation. Do you take it seriously or how do you tell if it is someone fishing for attention?
For me, i really was worried and just was not sure what to do.

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Ideas that we can share as whole how to cope with daily living with chronic illnesses. Tips, support, how to make housework, life easier, how to deal with children, spouses, friends who do not understand what it is like...just a support group that will help make living with chronic illnesses easier.


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