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I am an artist living with MS and working on an art installation called The Following Sea ...

By November 22, 2011 - 4:51pm

My name is Lauren and i am an artist living with MS. I was diagnosed 7 years ago at 43 but was experiencing MS symptoms at least 7 years before that. I am working on an art installation called The Following Sea that centers around the subject of illness. A major part of the work will be a community of participants weighing in on the often neglected subject of illness. I would love to hear from anyone who may be interested in participating in this work. No face to face contact necessary. please refer to www.wwwthefollowingsea.blogspot.com for more info
Thanks, Lauren

By April 6, 2013 - 2:14pm

I think I picked up my disease from other people. I don't believe it is hereditary, everyone in my family is fine. I realised I got ilnesses from others when I contracted Chron's. I remember my first boyfriend had proper psychological issues, I remembered him eating like a crazy person and he got stressed out over everything - everything, he said he one's intentionally crashed his car into a tree with his friends in the back!! huh

I was young and didn't understand mental ill health. I then became depressed after being with him, he use to pull at my womb - literally pull at it and he was half african and white. He came from africa and those people are a whole heap of crazy. He tugged and tried to rip it out because as a teen 19 I wasn't use to boy and I was often shy, he related this to cheating. When I say psycho I mean PSYCHO.

He use to stare at the wall when talking to me and then he once told me he was taken to a mental hospital. He had eyes that went in different directions and he was a fruit loop. I can't even explain, he said his parents abandoned him when youg, because that's what they do in Africa.

I went through so much depression after that I had a mini break down at 20 - 21. I remember I was lost completely. I had been raped in it, mentally abused and had no self esteem. I started eating a lot too when I got stressed and then it flashed back to that prick. I became very traumatised the experience was like hell - during sex he'd start to pull at my womb and yank it so hard and then rape me, no joke. I walked around with my head down for a while. Low and behold something again similar happened - I was then raped by a white man same star sign - Aries, viscious, unbalanced and gone!

He too had no mother - he was Italian, racist - hid this well and called me every hateful racist name under the sun once he and my own shitty friend at the time convinced to go on my first holiday abroad. I went to Italy. I went through hell. This bastart nearly pushed me off a cliff top, nearly had me run over, then had his friends curse me about being black talking about my genitalia - everything.

He raped me in a nasty dark rotting house in Italy with two Italian males in the house. I got this mans disease too. He had spots on his back and bad looking acne on his face - I got this almost immediately and I have to take pills because NOW by body refuses to heal or stop break outs and my back always itches.
I'm not a happy person nor remotely optimistic ever - my womb is ruined, I have the nastiest of spots and I have Chron's. To top this I went out with another half African/white (it's like they don't educate these people, they're are literally like animals) he tried to kiss me and his saliva only bealry got into mine and almost within 45 minutes I got a flu virus feeling I then became sick for over 3 weeks, my eyes began to bulge and my skin became rough - like his and broke out in rough pimple like - constant goose pimple but with dry skin and a scratchy texture. My eyes bulged, I went to A&E I thought I had aids, my eyes were blood shot and veiny, I dstinctly remember him having veiny eyes at the bottom of his eye balls and I noticed I had them and they didn't settle - they stayed. Now my eyes bulge also with red veins at the bottom and I have extremely dry nasty looking skin that easily scars. This is not a joke, I've seen my self in strange lingering fazes, feeling of being absolutely immursed in greif for no reason - I now stare at things for longer than others - it's weird. I have full faculties but I notice these things.

April 6, 2013 - 2:14pm
By March 29, 2013 - 8:36pm

I hope people will check out the MS site as i believe it is wise to educate our selves not just what is wrong with ourselves but know a bit about others as well. Makes us appreciate one another.
IT can make you realize that what you have is not so bad after all....can be humbling.
Also check out Lauren's blog and art sites...they are great and amusing to those of us with health issues.

March 29, 2013 - 8:36pm
By May 14, 2012 - 5:53am

Hi Lauren
Sorry i have not welcomed you earlier....my health has not been allowing me to get on the computer very often.
OOH art....i paint but it is for my eyes only! i love doing it. I think doing creative things is such a great way to take us out of our bodies and into that really great healing place. Music, writing, crochet knitting , so many things, quilting and lace making. On another group a woman is trying to pass on lace making since it is dying art form.
just shoot photos ....
So much of our lives are pain and sadness. When we can find a way to make ourselves better, whole again it is such a positive quality.
I am going to check out your paintings.
Just wondering are you on west or east coast since oceans are so different....i love area of northern Calif, big sur, carmel but Seattle area with it's bays is fascinating too...i have never been to east side up near the Cape but photos look beautiful.
I know how hard it is to catch the light in waves ....i remember in Mendocino as kid..we always check out the studios was one artist who just was so great at it. My aunt had one of her paintings and stare and study the colors and how she did it.
Welcome...remember we are here for bad days as well...hope in time you will come to feel of us as trusted friends.

May 14, 2012 - 5:53am

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Ideas that we can share as whole how to cope with daily living with chronic illnesses. Tips, support, how to make housework, life easier, how to deal with children, spouses, friends who do not understand what it is like...just a support group that will help make living with chronic illnesses easier.


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