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what is this group about?

By November 16, 2012 - 2:22pm

I have been attending local support group for breast cancer and women chronically ill in my small town In the group which is run by 2 great RN's they mainly do a meditation ..often small one at the start and longer one at the end. There is time to share and usually some kind of art or journal project. I have worked long with the therapist who started art as counseling/ in use of therapy. So i may need to drag out my old journals to get some ideas if others are interested. I enjoyed the group so much I thought i start one based on my experiences there...and with their blessings, I did.
Many men have chronic diseases just as us women...and i do know they share since some are on other sites...so please feel welcome here. Just like us you need to express your feelings in safe place. Here is place I like to point out...in messaging or texting often words can be mistaken. In some parts of our country words/slang have different meaning. So please try to be kind ,of course..sure no one wants to hurt anyone but also if you hear something as negative , maybe take a step back and think about it with open mind and heart. Maybe person had really bad day or we are and we know in pain often our tempers, moods are short. So just take some time to consider other ways it might mean. Thank you
I have a lot of topics that I just was going to include at once but it will be long message and i already tend to write too long of texts! lol! I apologize now and here for that sincerely!
How do you deal with your chronic illness? Do you get massages to help relax or have one as a treat for yourself? Meditation is known to help in so many ways of our life. What kind do you do? Do you listen to a tape or use music? If so which ones? Yoga! I personally love to start doing but there are so many kinds...which is best for those of us with chronic illnesses? Also art, music and journals are great outlets for all kinds of different reasons. One last group, Acupuncture, reflexology and foot massages ...tell us your good and not so good experiences. How do these compare to you to traditional Physical Therapy? How do find nontraditional practitioners? Your place to locate good ones in your area too!
Please people from all over the world feel free to answer. If you do not know how to use translate...than i can do it here for you . I do know that there are many support groups from Australia, Japan , Ecuador ..all over the world and it is fascinating how they treat and relax with their chronic diseases so please share, or if you have friend from far away ask them to share their experiences.
Please no you can share on any topic you are in the mood for or even if you need to vent.
Again i am so sorry I forgot about this one...i did get pretty ill i think right after i started it and i just forgot...so sorry again. I love to hear about just your life with chronic illness in any aspect of it.

By November 17, 2012 - 12:03am

Thanks Daisy,
I am just trying to start a positive support group that will assist others who maybe interested in alternative programs to help them become more healthy. I live in town that is full of alternative medicine and even though i personally do not agree with all of it, i try to keep open mind plus what makes one healthier may not the next person.
I also hope to post some very positive links, jokes etc to find laughter as another great way to feel better.
So often us chronically ill forget how much fun laughter can be! I sure do and when I worked, i loved all the laughter and jokes we play on one another! sure helped make my day pass quickly.

November 17, 2012 - 12:03am
EmpowHER Guest
By Anonymous November 16, 2012 - 6:20pm

Hi siskiyou,

Thanks for sharing this information.  Hope it will help many.



November 16, 2012 - 6:20pm

Group Leader

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Ideas that we can share as whole how to cope with daily living with chronic illnesses. Tips, support, how to make housework, life easier, how to deal with children, spouses, friends who do not understand what it is like...just a support group that will help make living with chronic illnesses easier.


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