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7 Teeth Problems That Require Professional Care

By December 28, 2020 - 2:38am

Regardless if there’s a minor cosmetic issue ruining your smile or a painful teeth sensitivity complicating your life, it’s better to let your health in hands of the professionals to successfully resolve all your problems and troubles. Continue reading to discover if you have a tooth problem that can be fixed with the help of a professional dental treatment.

1. Supernumerary teeth
How many teeth do you have? Normally, every human being has 20 milk teeth, and 13 permanent teeth. It's not very common, but in some cases, there can be extra teeth in your mouth, which are called supernumerary teeth. This issue is often followed by conditions like Gardners Syndrome (it leads to non-cancerous tumors). It can be fixed by getting the extras pulled from your mouth and using braces to adjust the bite.

2. Crooked Teeth
Braces shouldn’t be associated with children only. And treating crooked teeth and fixing your bite doesn’t just make for a beautiful smile. It can be essential for preventing some dental problems and treating issues like a strained jaw. A dental specialist may recommend using Invisalign aligner to fix the problem.

3. A gap in your teeth
A gap between your teeth may not cause you any problems whatsoever. Celebrities sporting the gap include singers Elton John and Chris Martin, actors Elijah Wood and Zac Efron, and supermodels Vanessa Paradis and Lily Aldridge. But if you desire to achieve a perfect smile, though, proper ways of treatment are orthodontics to reduce the gap and cosmetic measures like veneers and bonding.

4. Problems with wisdom teeth
If you have perfectly developed wisdom teeth, you can count yourself as the luckiest person. The majority of people, about 90%, experience problems with at least one wisdom tooth, or cannot even fully grow some. Impacted wisdom teeth can lead to tooth decay, damaged neighboring teeth, and gingivitis. Wisdom teeth usually develop when you’re 17 to 25 old. The dentist should be checking the way they come in. If they cause any problems, they need to be pulled out.

5. No Room to Floss
Regardless of how closely placed to each other your teeth are, you should always be able to properly floss them. If you can’t, There’s a need to use thinner floss or waxed kind of it. You can also try various types of tools, like an air flosser or water flosser. Keep trying until you discover what suits you the best, and then use the product routinely. Flossing is an important part of preventing severe dental problems.

6. Teeth sensitivity
Cold and hot food should bring enjoyment, not pain and discomfort. The first thing you should do is to find the culprit. You may suffer from tooth decay worn-out enamel or damaged fillings, gingivitis, impacted teeth, or infected roots. Let a dental specialist figure out the cause, you may require a filling, a root canal procedure, or even a gum tissue graft surgery. Or you may fix the problem with just a rind kind of toothpaste, and fluoride treatment.

7. Teeth discoloration
Foods, prescription drugs, cigarettes, and injury are among the many things that can stain your teeth. There are three ways to whiten your teeth. A dental specialist can suggest using a bleaching agent. Or you can whiten on your own by using a plastic tray and gel from the dentistry or a pharmacy. Oral care products like whitening toothpaste and whitening mouthwashes can only deal with the upper surface discoloration.

The bottom line
Don’t let dental problems ruin your health and your self-esteem. Consult with a dental specialist to treat the issue. Remember that on-time treatment is essential to avoid severe complications, that will surely come if you just ignore the problem.

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