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Prevention of Dental Caries in Children

By August 12, 2019 - 4:35am

The most common dental disease all over the world is caries. Thoughtful parents should help their children keep their teeth healthy and strong. You need to pay considerable attention to the prevention of caries.

Preventing caries in a child during the mother's pregnancy
Taking special fluorine pills will help the future mom in two ways. Strong teeth will form in the fetus and the woman's body won’t lose fluoride. Add more calcium into your diet. Milk, cottage cheese and kefir can provide you with the necessary amount of calcium.
Monitor oral hygiene of the newborn
Do not prematurely transfer your bacteria (Streptococcus mutans) to your child. According to one theory, they cause caries. These bacteria migrate from the parent’s mouth through a licked spoon or pacifier. It is better to rinse or boil a fallen pacifier. Then the child’s oral cavity will remain free from caries longer.

Choose the right food
Calcium from dairy products should be present in the child’s diet. It is not difficult because of tasty children's yogurts, milk, and kefir. Vitamin D is also very important because it helps the body to assimilate calcium. It is contained in fish dishes and is also formed from exposure to sunlight. Take sunbaths and go for walks with your baby. That will strengthen not only their teeth but also family relations. Fluoride from the toothpaste is also necessary for the prevention of caries.
Don’t give the child a lot of sweets
Sweets are the main destroyers of teeth. Streptococcus is harmful to the teeth and they multiply on the tooth enamel only in the presence of sugar. These bacteria secrete acid that destroys tooth enamel. Feed the child with fresh fruits and vegetables instead of sweets. The sugar and fruit acids contained in them are not dangerous for the teeth or choose sweets with safe sweeteners.

Visit the dentist's office twice a year
If the pediatric dentist found developing caries in the child, fluoride varnish or a compound of silver fluoride can be used to protect the enamel from further destruction. The procedure is absolutely painless and takes no more than one minute. The effectiveness of this caries prevention method is very high.
Traditional toothbrush and toothpaste against tooth decay
Brushing your kid’s teeth should be started from the moment the baby teeth appear. While maintaining their health, you will provide your child with the correct and timely development of permanent teeth. It is very important for children to develop the skill of brushing their teeth every day. Kids should realize and assume responsibility for the health of their teeth as soon as possible.

Sealing of fissures on the permanent teeth
The sealing of teeth fissures is another useful procedure. It is advisable to do this procedure within one and a half years after the eruption of the molar teeth. Plaque with bacteria that destroy the enamel will not accumulate on the chewing surfaces of teeth. The doctor brushes the kid's teeth and then applies an acidic substance to the grooves and pits on the teeth surface. A sealant gets into the micropores of the enamel and hardens under the action of a special lamp. The sealant not only smooths out the teeth surface but also enriches them with fluoride, magnesium and calcium ions.

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