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Exercising for the Soul

By Blogger May 23, 2012 - 10:05am

As we are now experiencing warmer weather, it is almost as if the entire city is coming out of hibernation. Suddenly more people are walking around at lunch time, as well as on your commute as well…did the city grow in size over night?! Springtime is also a fabulous time to get yourself, or your clients, out of a rut. I am always promoting finding something you love to do and it will help you get exercise into your life. This week one of my patients summed it up in one sentence: I walk for my soul and my body just tags along. We all have our barriers to exercise, sometimes we dwell on not having the time, sometimes it’s because we feel too stressed...but what if we analyzed those barriers and figured out how to turn them into positives and incentives to get out there and get some exercise.
Remember physics class forever ago? Correct me if I am wrong, but an object that is in motion stays in motion and visa versa, this is certainly true for us as well! If not start moving because it is springtime, start for the health of it. Statistically health claims increase as activity levels decrease (Anderson, 2005), with an inactive person accumulating an average of $1,543 more in medical costs than an active person. That’s huge!!
Let’s start to focus on moving our bodies...start to examine why we may not be getting enough activity and when is it may be too much. One of my patients told me that for the longest time she told herself that there was just not enough time, there was always a “good” reason that she couldn’t fit exercise into her schedule it was always “maybe after this next project was done,” or after this or that. One day she was at work and got so frustrated and stressed that she took her lunch and went for a walk to get away from her office; 45 minutes later she realized she was half way across the city, needing a cab to get back to work in time, but A LOT less stressed. So then she looked at her schedule and made it a priority to fit in her “de-stressing walks”. That’s when she told me that she walks for the health of her soul and her body just tags along...I just loved how she said it.
Your body and mind are connected way more than we realize (and much more than we sometimes would like to admit). When we become stationary our minds get dulled and stress can begin to build up and our overall health suffers. 70% of cardiovascular disease can be either prevented or delayed with dietary and lifestyle modifications (Forman, 2006). Getting up and moving, or even smoking secession and eating healthier can have a drastic affect on our health. Don’t think of it as a humongous change that needs to be done, think of it in small goals. Food for thought: if every American made a 2% change in either weight, smoking, or physical activity (the equivalent of 500-1000 steps extra a day) as a nation we would save $25 billion (yes that is billion with a “b”) over the next year in health care expenses (Holman, 2004).
So I challenge you, do some exercise for your soul today and see how you feel.
For more info check out www.ExerciseYourBeauty.com

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EmpowHER Guest
By Anonymous May 24, 2012 - 6:21pm
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