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fibro pain

By March 13, 2012 - 6:05pm

hey friends, i have very painful fibro. i am a great-grandmaw raising two great -grandkids. they are girls ages 11& 9. it is so hard on me. some days i can't hardly get out of bed.i need something for this pain that works. i have gained a lots of weight. help if you can? maw64

By October 28, 2012 - 9:44pm

I hear you! i have RA with fibro pain on top of it plus some other causes of pain. I am sorry but all the stuff that others recommended did not even touch my pain...i was in tears daily having to live taking epsom salt baths so i could move for hour then back to the bath to help with pain.
I went to pain specialist and they started on lowest stuff and worked the way up to strength i needed to make my life livable again. Personally, i think antidepressants do not help at all and are extremely hard to get off. Plus side effects if you do not have depression is horrible. I have had some extreme reactions to them and ER doctors did not even know what to do.
I suggest seeing a pain specialist. I have friend who's husband is acupuncturist and he is making great headway also in helping with fibro pain but most do not know how to help so you need one that really has experience in it...most insurances now cover acupuncture.
I agree massage is helpful for anyone...just if you can afford it.
I also gained a lot of weight originally while on antidepressants..one of nice side effects. I agree swimming in heated pool is great way to exercise. I also walk my dogs daily out in woods /nature around here because i have always loved nature and it relaxes me as well. Yes i often must go get in the bath again but pain is worth it.
OOH electric blankets are life saver i have found out too...really helps with pain at night plus you can get small one for sofa and helps to take breaks under the dry heat to help with pain.
I can imagine how hard it must be for you! If you are on SSI or disability i hope you also try to find as much assistance as possible to help with housecleaning etc so you can rest when the children are at work a bit...or get some swimming/exercise in. Or you can all do swimming class together. I imagine that even walking the dog together would be nice way to get the kids out and some exercise of their own since too many kids are not playing outside.
I am so sorry that you have such a full plate plus the pain. I start first with pain specialist. That made huge difference in my life...before i was in tears everyday because i hurt so much. Now, at least i can walk my dogs and do some chores...not many but a few. I hope you have some support to help with raising the kids. You might read a few books on raising children when you have chronic disease...to see how it affects them and things you can do to help now. Good luck and my heart goes out to you and all your pain but also all the love you must have in your life from your grandchildren!

October 28, 2012 - 9:44pm
By May 14, 2012 - 8:04am

The pain can be unbearable at times I tell you. I have done aqua therapy and it's great. The warm water really gets you going, the down fall is once you get out and gravity kicks right back in..lol I can't take dry exercise, it hurts to much.Massages are great after the first 5- 10 minutes, the heating pad is great. Have your doctors tried Lyrica or sevilla? I was put on Lyrica a few years ago however I started gaining weight so my rhuematologist switched me to sevilla,. They both are good. I am also on amitriptyline which I have been on for years for migraines and it just so happen to be a med for fibro as well. I also take Vicodin which is a narcotic. It's a lot of things you and your doctor can try t get your pain levels down. With me, I also have A vascular Necrosis in other area of my body along with arthritis so you can imagine the pain level and I'm allergic to every narcotic known to man except Vicodin, but nevertheless, keep pushing forward and try to remain positive. I know the pain is bad but you and your doctor should be able to come up with something to ease your pain.

May 14, 2012 - 8:04am

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