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Extreme Dieting/Contest Dieting

By March 7, 2011 - 11:04am

Have you ever competed in a physique competition? Dieted down to a very low bodyfat level for a photoshoot or pageant? What was your experience? Have you maintained the look? How do feel about what you did/didn't do to achieve the look? Would you do it again?

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There are plenty of discussion forums about the fitness industry, the latest fad diets, the latest miracle supplement to help you build muscle and get ripped. However, most of what is out there is smoke and mirrors and snakeoil. The principles for gaining muscle and losing fat are simple, tried, and true. Stray from these principles and the risk of developing an eating disorder and metabolic damage increases substantially. Stick with the fundamentals, and your chance of getting--and staying--fit increases dramatically.


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