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7 Amazing Home Remedies for Varicose Veins

By November 12, 2020 - 8:48am

A varicose vein is an unpleasant condition that causes both physical and aesthetical problems. It occurs when your veins become swollen and enlarged. Varicose veins are often associated with unpleasant symptoms like heavy legs, leg pain, swelling, and cramping. When varicose veins are overlooked, it may cause serious health consequences including infections, bleeding, and blood clots. For this reason, it is extremely important to treat this condition.

Fortunately, there are home remedies that can help you relieve discomfort and reduce the severity of this condition. Keep reading to discover 7 great ways to improve your varicose veins.

1. Dietary changes
A healthy diet must be an important part of your healthcare routine. A proper diet can improve varicose veins, while unhealthy foods can aggravate the condition significantly. You need to avoid salty and sodium-rich foods because they can cause your body to retain fluid. This can aggravate swelling and pain in the legs.

Include in your diet more foods rich in potassium and fiber. Potassium can help reduce water retention, while fiber keeps the bowels moving and prevents constipation. This is very important because the additional strain can damage your veins even more.

2. Exercise regularly
Exercise is a great way to improve varicose veins and overall health. It promotes a blood flow to your legs and helps push blood that has collected in the veins. Exercise also helps eliminate another factor that increases the risk of varicose veins. Regular physical activity improves your blood pressure. The best type of exercises for people with varicose veins is low-impact exercises. These include swimming, walking, and yoga.

3. Stay hydrated
It is important to stay hydrated to effectively manage the symptoms of varicose veins. Your body needs water to properly circulate blood. Poor hydration causes circulatory problemsthat are a major risk factor for varicose veins and vein thrombosis. To relieve varicose veins you need to develop a habit of drinking water regularly. You need to drink up to 65 ounces of water daily to ensure better health and wellbeing.

4. Take cold showers
Cold shower is one of the easiest and effective things you can do to improve varicose veins. Cold showers promote blood flow to the legs and help prompt blood that has collected in the veins. This decreases the risk of vein thrombosis. Cold water causes your blood vessels to shrink. This can help alleviate pain and swelling. It is recommended to avoid hot baths because it can increase pain and discomfort in the legs.

6. Compression stockings
Compression stockings are special clothing designed for compression therapy. They put gentle pressure on your legs, promote blood flow to lower extremities, and prevent the development of deep vein thrombosis. Compression stockings can help you relieve swelling and pain associated with varicose veins.

It isn’t recommended to wear compression stockings without a prescription as they can aggravate your condition in certain situations. You need to consult the vein doctor to determine whether they can be helpful for you.

7. Massage
While professional massage is a great option to relieve pain and swelling associated with the varicose vein, you may also massage your legs at home. Try to massage the affected areas gently to promote blood circulation. You can use oils or moisturizer for better effect. Avoid pressing directly on the veins. This can damage them and aggravate your condition.

Varicose veins can cause discomfort and make you feel defective. However, many people around the world live with this condition. Treating varicose veins at home can increase the effectiveness of medical treatment. Choose a few options above and add them to your healthcare routine.

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