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Are there any great places online to make friends for chronically ill going out is hard

By December 7, 2012 - 12:41pm

Do you have a favorite online site where you have met just the nicest people?! Are there online book, music or movie clubs where you can discuss your ideas about these things.
How about online gaming? How do you make friends like WOW ( war of worlds?) Steam is another online gaming site you can chat with others as you play. What games do you like online playing? Diablo? runescape and i know there are some new ones by blizzard now. But how do you even make friends in those kind of places...for shy ones or people new at it?
What about other hobbies...or just a nice conversation with someone? It can be with someone who is sick like you or not. I just like to hear of sites to make friends mainly other than support groups for your specific illness. Unless you feel there is exceptional one with very friendly and kind people.
Just with holidays many people are alone. Triggers many negative feelings so it is hard...if we could find a way to reach out from safety of our computers maybe many others would..since it does not matter if you are a bit sick or in your pj's! lol! I wonder if there is a place to sing carols online together? Or talk about your favorite Holiday Movie..mine is Holiday Inn since a gf from kindergarten and i would look to see when it was playing...and make popcorn or fudge, Christmas cookies and sing along together just have fun time with it! she just located me on FB ..i am so happy she did! Or sites to talk about Holiday lights and displays..anything to cheer you up...recipes , traditions etc.
So if you know of any online site /chat / blog that is fun and cheerful...makes you feel good and hopefully a way to chat with others....besides support sites like this...i sure like to know about them. Especially where you can make friends!
i really appreciate any sites like any of things i mention plus more that i have not thought about!

By December 16, 2012 - 8:06am

no problem...just hope some others have some good ideas...how to meet and make friends. Once you leave your job and as you age the odds keep reducing stats say. I like to find ways that work for those of us not working plus it is so hard to make concrete plans.
I have my old friends....which i am so lucky for but most of them live far from me.
This must be issue for others...i would think but maybe not so much

I am glad you also appreciate it ! welcome and hope you have a happy holidays ...you do not have to spend it alone...unless that is what you want.

December 16, 2012 - 8:06am
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By Anonymous December 15, 2012 - 8:55pm
Hi siskiyou, Thanks for sharing this information. BestDecember 15, 2012 - 8:55pm

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I love both my women and men friends. Sadly when I moved over 4 hours, it has been really hard finding friends, plus maintaining the friends i already had but now are long distance. Mainly because instead of getting healthier as i had hoped my health went downhill. So I like to hear how others find/ make friends ...online, in person etc. Than how do you be a good friend to them when often even too sick to get online? I personally, when i do not feel well tend to not call or reach out because i do not want to sound like constant complainer or negative...yet i feel i have done that to few friends. So how do others handle this? How to you find ways to get out when making plans is so hard since your health is something you cannot count on. What online sites are there to make good friends that others have found...do you play games? Book clubs etc. I am open to it all except sex sites...this is about platonic friends. Okay if something more happens for others but this is mainly forum to find platonic friends of either sex .


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