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I Lost Weight You Can Too Join this Group

It is never too late to become a better you

By October 3, 2013 - 9:30pm

If you are like most human beings, you may be stuck in one or more areas of your life or career and want to change. Perhaps to lose weight, eat healthy, become a better parent, or a better, more effective leader? In one word - a better you.

Achieving your change can be difficult, but not impossible. It is so often that initial first step that is so hard to make. We think of a millions reasons not to take it and then look back on a life filled with missed opportunities to grow, learn and become a better person.

It is critical to know what truly motivates you to change. Keeping in your mind a concrete reason will have a tremendous impact as you proceed with your efforts. Focus on the reasons why you want to change.

Motivate yourself daily because every day we make dozens of small choices that determine whether we will succeed. Like everything in life, you will need to commit to it, work hard and be consistent.
It is easier to stay motivated and stick to your intention to change when you see your progress. So, make a small change if that is what is possible. From that small change and success you will gain confidence and you can build upon that to make more and perhaps even bigger changes.

There is always room for improvement. Learn from both your successes and your failures, and then adjust. Eventually you will discover the right combination of tactics to help you achieve your desired change. It isn’t too late for you to improve something in your life that you really want to change. No matter what age you are at.
When it comes to our future success, there are two ways to look at life. We can feel powerless. We believe life just happens to us. It is out of our hands, so we sit back, play the role of the victim and react to everything. Or, we can feel powerful. We believe our choices make a difference in what happens to us. We chose to act rather than react to people and situations. Which one describes you?

Some things in life we can change; some things we can't. Losing weight, eating healthy, trying to become a better parent, are definitely goals that are within our reach. Make an effort to become a better you.

Group Leader


The purpose of this group is to help others who are dealing with the same issues as me. Since I lost a significant amount of weight and kept it off, I believe I am in the position to be able to offer hope to others. I hope that by showing what works for me, I will be able to help you lose weight with no complicated formulas, without exercise, and most important without feeling hungry. My intention is to share with you that it is absolutely doable.


New York


This Group is Open to all EmpowHER.com members